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Where and how to find silver in New World

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Silver is one of the most useful and necessary resources needed early in-game in New World. As such, it’s only natural for players to want to find as much of it as possible. You can find either silver by finding silver veins. Once you mine the veins, you’ll then get ore. Silver ore is what you’ll need for crafting!

Mining silver in New World

First, you’ll need to find silver veins. These can be found in the overworld, the in-game map provides all the information you need to find some Silver veins. That being said, keep in mind that mining silver veins require level 20 in the Mining skill to gather. Once you reach level 35, you’ll be able to easily track silver veins.

Open up your map by pressing the M key, and go to Resource Locations. Here you’ll see that Silver is abundant in Highland areas. You can also see a more detailed map here.

Silver Vein

Silver veins

Once you’ve mined the ore at a silver vein, it’ll be depleted. However, the resources will respawn after 195 – 210 seconds. You’ll also be awarded varying levels of xp, depending on how much you got to mine. You will need a handy pickaxe to be able to mine!

  • Small – 125 XP
  • Medium – 175 XP
  • Large – 225 XP

Silver Ore

Once you’ve got your ore, you can forge silver ingots in the smelter. With these ingots, you can make low level silver armor, weapons and tools.

You can also buy, sell or trade ore if you need it more urgently. You can also get some silver ore at the smelter by downgrading Starmetal Ingot with Weak Solvent.

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