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What is the New World respec cost?

New World has many weapons to choose from, each with two weapon trees and countless skills and perks. Many people are following builds or theory crafting their own interesting playstyles. However, sometimes, they might not be to your liking. If you’ve invested in weapon skills or attributes and want to change them, you can. Here is how much the New World respec costs and how to do it.

New World respec cost

The New World respec cost differs depending on a number of factors. The first is that if you’re below level 20, respeccing, every New World attribute respec cost is completely free. All you need to do is go on your character attributes and click the respec button. It will completely reset all of your attribute points so that you can reinvest them once again. 

It is great if you are switching between various weapon types, as different weapons scale with different attributes. If you’re moving away from an Ice Gauntlet and Fire Staff (Intellect) and opting for a Warhammer (Strength), you’ll need to remove those Intellect points and get them in Strength. It is quite a common phenomenon in the early game, as you get different New World weapons at random points while levelling or require crafting weapons yourself. That way, you can use the New world respec and start prioritizing the attributes you want on the weapons you’ll main.

However, if you’re above level 20, you’ll instead have to spend your coin. It isn’t too bad as the game offers plenty of raw gold through questing and faction missions. Make sure you know what weapons and attributes you want before hitting level 20 to avoid unnecessary spending.

New World weapon respec cost

As for your new world weapon respecs, it works slightly differently. You can respec any of your weapons as long as its weapon mastery is below level 10. Once a New World weapon mastery reaches level 10, it will start costing Azoth. Every time you respec your weapon, it will cost 25 Azoth.

Azoth is a fairly limited resource, which you can get from doing almost anything in New World. You can get it from completing quests, killing NPCs, or gathering. Meanwhile, it is used by almost everything. We advise making sure you have a build-in mind and map out where you want your skills to go. Azoth is used a lot for fast travelling, crafting better gear, so losing 25 for a weapon respec could come back to haunt you shortly after. 

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