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What is BRAVIA Core

Just bought a new Sony TV but not sure what BRAVIA Core is? Then read on to find out everything you need to know about the company’s latest 4K video streaming service.

There are a lot of streaming options nowadays, from Netflix to Amazon Prime there is almost an unlimited choice of entertainment available.

Sony is now breaching into this territory, as the company is giving people reasons to buy a new Sony TV so they can access the new BRAVIA Core streaming service.

BRAVIA is exclusive to Sony’s 2021 BRAVIA XR TVs, so if you’re interested in giving it a go you might also need to invest in a new television.

What is BRAVIA Core

BRAVIA Core – Core standing for Centre of Real Entertainment – is Sony’s own streaming service that will be able to play its library of entertainment in high-quality 4K.

It’s an app, and within it there are options to watch new films as well as old classics, as well as the largest IMAX Enhanced movie collection and the latest box office releases from Sony Pictures.

BRAVIA officially launched back in April this year and it’s aiming to be available in 50 territories in 2021, including the US, UK, most of Europe, and Canada.

If you are lucky enough to own a compatible Sony BRAVIA TV, you’ll be pleased to learn that the platform is completely free, with unlimited streaming and some credits for premium movies being included with the TV purchase.

The service is only free for a certain amount of time, however, and it’s not totally clear what happens when this window of time closes. It’s been suggested that Sony might shift over to BRAVIA becoming a paid subscription, similar to Netflix or Amazon Prime, since the end date for BRAVIA core being free seems to sit at 23 February 2026.

The app also comes pre-installed on some models, including the Master Series Z9J 8K LED and 4K LED TVs like the X90J and X80J.

There hasn’t been any talk of BRAVIA becoming available on other TVs or even other Sony products like the PlayStation 5, so you are out of luck unless you’re packing a 4K or 8K compatible TV.

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