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Weekend Antiquing Haul #5: Small Finds

What-a-weekend! The entire family packed up for a few days and made our way down to the Springfield Extravaganza. This antique market is only a few hours south, last year (our first year) we did it all in one day. This year, we planned it a little better and gave ourselves a few days at this amazing show, and I’d say we did pretty good this time around. We did so well I had to break this post apart and this is my small items haul, from artwork, to glassware and of course garden busts, let’s take a look at what I got and why.


When I go to these shows I rarely go seeking artwork out, unless they are silhouettes. This weekend the artwork was calling my name from every direction I guess, because I would pop into a booth and find one after another, for the pr. A huge tip I shared was know your room’s sizes and the color palettes. This helped us find and pick artwork that was cohesive with itself. The frame seals the deal for me on those pieces that I am not sure of, so look at everything and ensure the whole look is cohesive.

Garden Busts

My next find were these amazing Busts. The off-white bust is entirely solid marble stone, while the others are porcelain. If I ever come across a bust at a decent price, I love adding them into our garden or greenhouse areas. I especially love a bust planter with flowing floral locks hanging over the edges. I love my busts to be natural to the material they are made with. An example, concrete formed busts, I love them to be straight concrete maybe with a little garden dirt baked into them. One bust well displayed can completely change the vibe of a space.

Vintage Pennant

Okay one of the big refreshes we are looking at doing soon is Copey’s room. I think there are a lot of kids his age that have moved into a traditional bed, and sadly for this momma that time is coming very soon. We already have his bed(s), we purchased earlier in the year from an antique shop, but we are just trying to get all off the bigger items gathered before we take the dive. Some of the artwork we picked up, but I love little textures like this pennant, for his future bedroom.

Small Copey Chair

Since we are talking about Copey, we picked up a new little Copey chair at the market. It wasn’t something I necessarily was looking for, but it was going for a great price and I had a few items from this same dealer, I added it in to see if I could get a few dollars off the original items (pro-picker tip)… I think he’ll love this little chair and its so appropriate for many different spaces.

Vintage Kitchen Utensils

There is no secret that I love vintage kitchen utensils. I have shared my take on farmhouse decor is not only classic Americana but utilitarianism products. I love adding items to a space that look good staged and styled, but also very useful for day to day needs. I loved the handles of these vintage cake knives, I couldn’t pass them up.

Mini Swan Planter

I picked up another Swan, but this one is teeny-tiny & it compliments my larger swan planter. I love how small and cute this little swan is, its a perfect addition for a coffee table center piece or an interesting display to other small nooks around the house or out in the greenhouse.

Vintage Glassware

Lastly, I purchased some vintage glassware. Jars and glassware like this are great additions to spaces as a standalone centerpiece or a pop of color with larger centerpieces. The small clear glassware are old jars pulled from England. I already have a small collection of English stoneware so these little jars are a great way to expand that collection. The bottle glassware has great color and markings, and fit so perfect for this outdoor seated area.

I hope you all enjoyed my  haul of just my small littles I picked up this weekend. Stay tuned for my larger items I picked up while I was there, and how we were a few inches from not fitting everything in the trailer. Let me know what your favorite items are over on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. And if you made it to the Springfield or any other antique market this past weekend, let me know what you picked up and what you are looking for. As always thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day, it truly means the world to us over here on the farm. So again, thank you very much and stay cozy!



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