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Vimeo brings Dolby Vision HDR playback to millions of Apple devices: Digital Photography Review

Vimeo and Dolby announced that Vimeo is the first to market to allow users to host, share and play iPhone videos shot in Dolby Vision within the Apple ecosystem. Vimeo writes, ‘Starting today, millions of Apple device users can now use Vimeo to unlock the same professional-quality video technology embraced by the world’s top storytellers.’

Dolby Vision promises to deliver rich video quality with ‘incredible brightness, contrast, color and detail.’ Dolby Vision promises highlights up to 40x brighter and blacks that are 10x darker than traditional SDR content.

The Wild: Capturing Our Planet in Dolby Vision from Aaron Lieber on Vimeo.

This isn’t Vimeo’s first foray into HDR content. Vimeo first brought HDR support to its platform in 2017. Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo, said, ‘Vimeo’s mission is to enable professional-quality video for all, and today we are delivering that power in Dolby Vision to hundreds of millions of Apple users globally. Vimeo, Apple, and Dolby all have an unwavering commitment to quality that empowers storytellers and content creators to do their best work. We’re thrilled to work with these world-class companies to advance viewing experiences and showcase video at its best.’

Dolby is excited to bring Dolby Vision content to more people. ‘Today’s announcement with Vimeo marks a significant milestone in how we continue to bring Dolby Vision experiences to more people,’ said Kevin Yeaman, President and CEO of Dolby Laboratories. ‘Now anyone – from aspiring creatives to enterprises – can share their content using the same video technology already embraced by the world’s top storytellers.’

Starting today, Vimeo users can natively upload Dolby Vision videos shot on iPhone 12 models or edited in iMovie or Final Cut Pro. Vimeo automatically detects and plays back videos in Dolby Vision across all compatible Apple devices, including iPhone 8 and later, 2nd generation iPad Pro and later devices running iPadOS 14, Apple TV 4K using tvOS 14 connected to a Dolby Vision TV, and Mac computers running macOS Big Sur or later. For more detailed compatibility information for Macs, visit Apple.

Behind the Scenes of the Wild: Shot in Dolby Vision from Aaron Lieber on Vimeo.

When Apple announced that iPhone 12 models would record videos in Dolby Vision HDR, users wanting to record high-quality HDR videos were understandably excited. However, there wasn’t an easy, accessible way to share Dolby Vision content online. You could view the content on certain Apple devices, but users couldn’t upload it online for native viewing by others. That changes today for all Vimeo users, regardless of tier. For additional information, visit Vimeo. If you need any help creating Dolby Vision content, check out this Dolby article.

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