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Valve cancels all Dota 2 The International 2021 tickets

Valve’s MOBA, Dota 2, has had its tournament, The International, every year and with COVID-19 still being a thing that people can’t get their heads around nearly two years on, has decided to cancel all plans for an event with people once again, opting to simply have it without the audience members.

The event will still go forward on October 7th, but will be streamed out from Romania with the teams instead. All ticket purchases are being refunded and any further sales will be stopped immediately.

international crowd

Romania is currently suffering a spike in COVID rates, so will not be safe for everyone to travel to, nor will they even be able to get in as local restrictions have been put in place in the city of Bucharest.

Valve’s Dota 2 still sees a healthy 600, 000+ users every single day and topped out at 1,295,114 six years ago. Each year that it’s hosted, the prize pool exponentially increases to a ludicrous size and The Internation 10 is no different, with a cool $40 million being offered for qualifying teams.

international desk

The pool is split across all participants up to 18th place, with 2019’s pool being split from 45.5% ($14,599,910+) for the team of five winners, while 18th place received a cool $80,219, or 0.25% of the winnings.

Valve funds the Dota 2 prize pool by crowdfunding it via the yearly battle pass, with 25% of all earnings going towards the pool and the rest to Valve itself. The Compendium takes a slightly different form each year, often featuring exclusive skins and player cards that can then be flipped at a higher price later down the line via Steam’s own storefront.

The Internation 10’s prize pool started at a base of $1,600,000 and has had $38,418,195 ‘contributed’ by other players for a gross total of $40,018,195, a 2401.14% increase added on. According to, the International 10 had seen a contribution of 6,552,515 in one day, nearly a million dollars more than 2019’s.

Dota 2 is free-to-play and is available exclusively on Steam.

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