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True Colours to let Twitch viewers choose your path

Any Twitch players wanting to play Life Is Strange: True Colours will be able to use Crowd Choice plug-in, which allows viewers to vote on your choices in-game.

After the much-awaited announcement that Life Is Strange was getting a third sequel, Life Is Strange: True Colours will have support for Twitch’s Crowd Choice extension, which allowers viewers on a stream to vote on all the in-game choices live.

Since Life Is Strange is known for its choice-based narrative, the ability to use Crowd Choice could result in a much more engaging stream and some interesting outcomes.

Life Is Strange True Colours Twitch Choice

To enable this, streamers need to connect their Square Enix Members account to the game – or any other game that supports it – start their stream and then turn on Crowd Choice mode from the Live Stream menu, located in the games’ settings.

There are two ways to keep the viewers involved, there is the Full Democracy mode which means the viewers’ vote is final, or Suggestion, where you can see what people have suggested but you have the option to choose something else.

To get involved as a viewer, just activate the Square Enix Choice extension, then you should be able to vote live on the in-game choices. You have input on every major decision, so it’s up to you if you help the protagonist, Alex Chen, to do the right thing, or lead her off on a rocky path.

Install the extension now by using the link prior and following the on-screen instructions and start playing Crowd Choice enabled games. Life Is Strange: True Colours will be released at 5:00 pm in the UK and at 9:00 am PT on 9 September and will be available on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC via the Steam store.

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