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Trendy Home Hardware For Every Budget!

Whether putting the finishing details on a renovated space or doing a mini makeover, hardware can make all the difference in sprucing up cabinets, dressers, doors, desks … so many things! I love that the hardware possibilities are kind of endless and you can add a modern or a vintage twist (or both at once!) just by picking some new hardware for your space. We’ve been renovating a whole house at once over the last year, and it’s been many hours of searching for hardware online with some budget and some splurge purchases along the way.

You may be wondering, “When should I go for a budget option vs. a more expensive one?” Great question! While there are no exact rules you need to follow, I like to spend more on items that get used the most as more expensive pieces are generally better made so the finish lasts longer (and some companies even have a guarantee on their finish, which is why we spent more on this entry set for our main front door). So for me, I spend more on doorknobs and hardware for main kitchen cabinets (especially when wet hands may be touching the metal a lot), while I do more budget options for things like a guest bathroom, TV cabinet knobs, or a kid’s dresser, etc. Here are some of our favorite trendy home hardware pieces in both categories so you can keep your budget in line as well!

As you can see, budget picks don’t have to sacrifice looks as there are plenty of options to choose from that won’t break the bank! We bought this entry set for our back door and I love how it looks! Super chic and adds a cool modern touch. I also bought a pack of these to update drawers in my daughter’s closet and they make it look a lot more expensive than the cheap handles it came with.

I decided to splurge a bit for our kitchen hardware that we gutted and put back together, so I got these pulls and these knobs for ultimate finish durability and I love how they look! Since we have a smaller house, I got these for our doors on our main floor, and they really make the hollow core doors I painted white look much more expensive. You can see some other ways we’ve updated doors and closets with trim as that’s another great way to update a door/closet along with new hardware. Oh, and if you are switching out doorknobs (and especially if you are changing the metal choice), don’t forget to freshen the hinges as well, whether heavy duty exterior door or interior door hinges. Hope this list gives you some options that would be perfect for your home! xo. Laura

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