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Tilta Mini Matte Box and Mini Follow Focus – 20% Off for a Limited Time

Tilta Mini Matte Box and Mini Follow Focus – 20% Off for a Limited Time

Although Tilta recently announced a general price increase (read our coverage here), they are now doing the exact opposite: both the Tilta Mini Matte Box and Mini Follow Focus can be purchased at a 20% discount for a limited time.

Both the Tilta Mini Matte Box and Mini Follow Focus were released in December 2019 (article here). They were marketed as entry-level accessories, and their fairly affordable price of just $99 each reflects that. Still, it’s better to have a cheap Matte Box or Follow Focus than nothing at all.

For a limited time, both items can be purchased for only $79, which is 20% off. So if you’re looking for some new accessories for your camera gear, now is the time. At least if you like what Tilta has to offer. To me, that’s a pretty aggressive price, but nonetheless a good deal.

Tilta Price Drop
image credit: Tilta

Tilta Mini Follow Focus and Mini Matte Box

Both items seem pretty solid for the price. Don’t expect illuminated focus disks or rotating filter trays for using polarizing filters, but for basic tasks, these accessories seem to be a good choice.

Tilta price drop
Mini Matte Box. Image credit: Tilta

According to Tilta, this offer is valid “for a limited time while supplies last“. I personally own a Wooden Camera Zip Box Pro which is also pretty tiny and lightweight but it’s $499.. maybe I should have waited for this offer myself.

Tilta price Drop Mini Follow Focus
Mini Follow Focus. Image credit: Tilta

The Tilta Mini Follow Focus is also pretty basic, but it does the job. Sometimes, especially with smaller camera packages, it’s nice to have lightweight and compact accessories on hand instead of giant cages and oversized follow focus units. Sometimes less is more, really.

Link: Tilta

What do you think about it? Do you own/use Tilta gear? Have you had any experiences with the Mini Follow Focus and Matte Box? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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