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The Best Lawn Care in Wichita, KS (2021)

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Located in the middle of the Great Plains, Wichita, Kansas, doesn’t have many geographical buffers to shield itself from extreme weather conditions. Roasting summers, freezing winters, high winds and severe thunderstorms are all common, making lawn care a challenge. To help you find the best lawn care in Wichita, our reviews team researched a variety of lawn care providers on treatments, pricing and service areas. Here are our top recommendations.

Top 5 Lawn Care Companies in Wichita

  1. TruGreen
  2. Sunday
  3. Reddi Lawn Care
  4. Ryan Lawn & Tree 
  5. Abe’s Lawn and Tree Service

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1. TruGreen

Local address: 1652 S West Street, Wichita, KS 67213

Phone number: 1-866-817-2287

Our score: 96

With more than 50 years in the lawn care industry, TruGreen is a trusted nationwide provider that has a team of technicians who are well-trained to analyze your lawn and soil. During the analysis, a technician will create a comprehensive plan for your lawn and recommend treatments for fertilization, weed control, and any other services your lawn needs to thrive.

Compare TruGreen’s five lawn care plans below:

  TruSignature TruComplete TruHealth TruMaintenance TruNatural
Healthy Lawn Analysis
Healthy Lawn Guarantee
Weed control ✔*
Aeration and overseeding 1 visit 1 visit 1 visit
Tree and shrub care
Visits per year 8 8 8 7 8
*The TruNatural plan uses organic fertilizer and non-chemical weed control methods.

In addition to these comprehensive plans, you can schedule visits for lawn aeration and a soil amendment and analysis.

Benefits of TruGreen

  • Offers the Healthy Lawn Guarantee, which ensures your satisfaction with your lawn
  • Provides 24/7 customer service
  • Has an option for organic fertilizer and non-chemical weed control

TruGreen Prices

Though TruGreen’s prices will depend on your lawn’s size and needs, annual plans start at just $30 for the first month.

TruGreen Service Areas

TruGreen offers its services throughout the state of Kansas, including Wichita and Sedgwick County.

To get a free quote for TruGreen’s lawn care plans in your area, call 1-866-817-2287 or fill out this simple online form.

2. Sunday

Our score: 88

Sunday represents an alternative to traditional lawn care services. Instead of sending technicians to fertilize your lawn or apply weed control, Sunday sends you the necessary products to treat your lawn yourself. Its experts use satellite imaging and climate data to determine what products your lawn needs. You’ll receive the products on a seasonal basis and instructions for how to apply them.

Benefits of Sunday

  • Its products are tailored to fit your lawn’s exact needs
  • Donates a portion of each sale to preserve wildlife habitats
  • Also offers pest control products

Sunday Prices

Since Sunday’s plans are so heavily customized, you’ll need to contact the company for an exact quote. However, annual plans start at just $109 per year.

Sunday Service Areas

Sunday ships its products right to your home and is available everywhere in the U.S.

To get a free quote from Sunday, enter your address on the company’s website.

3. Reddi Lawn Care

Local address: 6205 E Kellogg Drive, Wichita, KS 67218

Phone number: 316-858-0736

Our score: 94

Reddi Lawn Care is a part of Reddi Industries, a local service company that also provides plumbing and electrical maintenance. The company’s lawn care technicians are fully licensed and insured and can provide mowing, fertilization, aeration, weed control, sod installation, dethatching, overseeding and yard cleanup services. Its landscaping program covers most major residential and commercial landscaping services.

Benefits of Reddi Lawn Care

  • Has been locally owned and operated since 1969
  • Offers a live chat on its website
  • Provides 24/7 snow removal services

Reddi Lawn Care Prices

Reddi Lawn Care doesn’t list pricing on its website. You’ll need to call the company for a free estimate.

Reddi Lawn Care Service Areas

Reddi’s services are available throughout the Wichita, KS, area.

To find out how much Reddi Lawn Care will cost you, give the company a call or enter your information on its website.

4. Ryan Lawn & Tree

Local address: 1957 N Mosley Street, Wichita, KS 67214

Phone number: 316-773-5100

Our score: 91

Ryan Lawn & Tree provides lawn, tree and plant care services, but you can also hire its technicians for landscape design, installation and maintenance as well as pest control and irrigation system installation. The only service the company doesn’t provide is lawn mowing, but its technicians can take care of just about every other aspect of your yard.

Benefits of Ryan Lawn & Tree

  • Receives consistently good customer reviews
  • Is a 100% employee-owned company
  • Offers a variety of lawn care, landscaping and pest control services

Ryan Lawn & Tree Prices

You’ll need to contact Ryan Lawn & Tree directly for pricing. If you’re satisfied with your services—or you know someone who is—you can earn a $50 credit for referring someone new or receiving a referral.

Ryan Lawn & Tree Service Areas

With locations in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, Ryan Lawn & Tree has a wide regional service area. Its Wichita branch provides services to the following areas and communities:

  • Andover
  • Derby
  • Eastborough
  • Maize
  • Auburn Hills
  • Flint Hills National Residences
  • Fox Ridge
  • The Moorings
  • Tiara Pines
  • Stone Creek
  • The Hawthorne

Call Ryan Lawn & Tree or enter your information on the company’s website to receive a free estimate for your project.

5. Abe’s Lawn and Tree Service

Local address: 3535 W 30th Street #100, Wichita, KS 67217

Phone number: 316-722-2348

Our score: 87

Abe’s Lawn and Tree Service is a small lawn care business—all eight employees are named and introduced on the company’s website. Abe’s protects both its employees and your property and budget by issuing both liability and worker’s compensation insurance for each job. When it comes to lawn care, you can receive mowing, edging, trimming, mulching, seeding and sodding services. Abe’s also provides tree care including pruning, injections, removal and stump grinding.

Benefits of Abe’s Lawn and Tree Service

  • Is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Has ISA-certified arborists on staff
  • Offers emergency tree care and removal

Abe’s Lawn and Tree Service Prices

As with most lawn care companies, Abe’s prices are only available by estimate.

Abe’s Lawn and Tree Service Service Areas

Abe’s doesn’t specify its service area, but given the size of the company, it’s probably limited to Wichita.

To get a free quote from Abe’s Lawn and Tree Service, call the company or fill out a form on the website.

Our Recommendation

We recommend TruGreen as the best lawn care company for Wichita homeowners. This trustworthy lawn care provider offers time-tested lawn treatments with the backing of scientific experts. You can receive a full year of lawn care for a reasonable price and have peace of mind that TruGreen’s services are backed by a Healthy Lawn Guarantee.

If your primary concern is lawn mowing, Reddi Lawn Care and Abe’s Lawn and Tree Service are better options (TruGreen doesn’t offer lawn mowing services). Additionally, Ryan Lawn & Tree provides specialized tree services from certified arborists. If you’d prefer a less expensive, more hands-on approach, Sunday could be a good option.

We ultimately recommend getting a free quote from multiple lawn care companies to compare treatment pricing and services in your area.

Why You Should Hire Professional Lawn Care in Wichita

Although you can take care of your lawn yourself, Kansas weather doesn’t always make it easy. Between hot, humid summers and cold, dry winters, spending hours outdoors isn’t always the most desirable use of your time. Many homeowners turn to professional lawn care services for maintenance tasks such as mowing, fertilizing and weed control. Additionally, services like soil aeration and pesticide application aren’t DIY tasks because of the equipment or products involved.

Wichita Lawn Care FAQs

When should I fertilize my Wichita lawn?

The right season to fertilize depends on the type of grass you have. Most Wichita lawns will contain cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue and perennial ryegrass. According to a report from Kansas State University, these grasses should primarily be fertilized in the fall, usually in September. Although warm-season grasses like zoysia grass and Bermuda grass are somewhat rare in Kansas, they can still thrive in Wichita. These grasses should be fertilized in the late spring or early summer.

How much does lawn care cost?

Lawn care costs can vary depending on the size of your yard and the type of treatment or service required. Mowing is one of the most affordable services, averaging around $45 per mow. In general, most homeowners end up spending an average of $100–$200 per month on lawn care.

How do I keep my lawn looking its best?

The quality of your lawn will depend on factors such as the climate, geography and amount of shade in your yard. Here are some general principles to help you maintain a healthy lawn:

  • Mow regularly enough that you don’t need to cut off more than one-third of the grass blades at a time.
  • Keep your mower blades sharp.
  • Use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer during your grass’ growing season (spring or summer for warm-season grasses and fall for cool-season grasses).
  • Treat weeds or lawn pests quickly.
  • Overseed brown or bare spots.

Lawn Care Rating Methodology

To help you find the best lawn care company, our reviews team researched numerous lawn care providers, analyzing their services, guarantees and customer service, among other factors:

  • Experience: We awarded more points to lawn care companies that had multiple years of experience and deducted points from newer lawn care companies.
  • Reputation: Some lawn care companies don’t follow through on their service agreements and won’t provide the services outlined in a contract. We rated companies based on their ratings on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and customer reviews and awarded more points to companies with a higher BBB rating and positive customer reviews.
  • Guarantees: We scored lawn care providers based on whether or not they provided guarantees with their services, as this benefit insures the work completed.
  • Customer service: Lawn care companies that offer 24/7 customer service, have an online chat and provide an online quote form received higher points than companies without these offerings.

To keep our data current, our team regularly updates the data points for each company to ensure their coverage offerings, pricing and availability are accurate.

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