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The Best Lawn Care in Lincoln, NE (2021)

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Lincoln, Nebraska, is an excellent place to live if you want to experience all four seasons. Despite Lincoln receiving enough rain and sunshine to maintain a beautiful lawn, it may take some time and effort to keep your lawn looking great through the changing weather.

If you’re looking for a Lincoln lawn care service, we’ll help narrow down your search. Our reviews team researched a variety of options in Lancaster County to help you find the best lawn care company for your lawn. Whether you need general mowing and landscaping or customized fertilizer and weed control, we’ll provide you with five lawn care recommendations that can help maintain your lawn all year long.

Top 5 Lawn Care Companies in Lincoln

  1. TruGreen
  2. Sunday
  3. Summit Lawns
  4. Happy Lawns
  5. Mr. Amoto Lawn & Tree Services

Today’s Homeowner works with an independent reviews team to create evidence-based research that helps our readers make informed decisions. The reviews are always independent. For transparency, we may be compensated if you purchase through a link.

1. TruGreen

Local address: 4141 North 27th Street, Lincoln, NE 68521

Phone number: 1-877-386-6512

Our score: 96

As a nationwide company with over 50 years of experience in the lawn care industry, TruGreen has the resources to provide the best lawn care services to homeowners in Lincoln. With lawn treatments including fertilization, weed control, aeration, overseeding and more, TruGreen provides everything you need to keep your lawn looking great all year round. All plans begin with an assessment of your lawn’s soil profile and present condition so a technician can create a customized treatment plan.

Compare TruGreen’s five lawn care plans below:

Service TruSignature TruComplete TruHealth TruMaintenance TruNatural
Healthy Lawn Analysis
Healthy Lawn Guarantee
Weed control ✔*
Aeration and overseeding 1 visit 1 visit 1 visit
Tree and shrub care
Visits per year 8 8 8 7 8
*The TruNatural plan uses organic fertilizer and non-chemical weed control methods.

If you’d prefer to purchase one treatment at a time, you can do so for TruGreen’s lawn aeration, soil amendment and mosquito defense treatments.

Benefits of TruGreen

  • Plans include seven to eight lawn care visits per year
  • Provides an option for organic fertilizer and non-chemical weed control
  • Offers tree and shrub care services

TruGreen Prices

The prices for TruGreen’s plans and treatments vary by lawn size and the extensiveness of treatments. However, annual plans start at just $30 for the first month.

TruGreen Service Areas

TruGreen offers its services in 48 states, including Nebraska. Its services are available in Lincoln and the following areas:

  • Garland
  • Friend
  • Raymond
  • David City
  • York
  • Wymore
  • Wilber
  • Walton
  • Unadilla
  • Tecumseh
  • Syracuse
  • Nebraska City
  • Greenwood
  • Hallam
  • Hickman
  • Malcolm
  • Seward
  • Roca
  • Palmyra
  • Panama
  • Pickrell
  • Pleasant Dale
  • Plymouth
  • Milford
  • Firth
  • Geneva
  • Wahoo
  • Valparaiso
  • Fairbury
  • Exeter
  • Elmwood
  • Eagle
  • Diller
  • De Witt
  • Denton
  • Davey
  • Crete
  • Cortland
  • Clatonia
  • Beatrice
  • Avoca
  • Auburn
  • Adams
  • Ceresco
  • Dunbar
  • Johnson
  • Cook
  • Blue Springs
  • Dorchester
  • Beaver Crossing
  • McCool Junction
  • Fairmont
  • Sterling
  • Bennet
  • Waverly

To get a free quote for TruGreen’s lawn care plans in your area, call 1-877-386-6512 or fill out this simple online form.

2. Sunday

Our score: 88

If you prefer a more hands-on approach to lawn care but want a little help choosing the right products, Sunday may be a good option. Sunday is a science-based subscription service that helps you determine the right grass seed, fertilizer, weed control, pest control and other products for your lawn. Although the DIY route isn’t for everyone, Sunday is an innovative and inexpensive alternative to traditional lawn care companies.

Benefits of Sunday

  • Donates a portion of each sale to preserve wildlife habitats
  • Uses satellite imaging plus local climate data to create a custom plan for your lawn
  • Offers a satisfaction guarantee

Sunday Prices

The exact cost of your customized plan will depend on the products Sunday determines you need. However, seasonal lawn care programs start as low as $109 for the whole year.

Sunday Service Areas

Sunday ships its products right to your home and is available everywhere in the U.S.

To get a free quote from Sunday, enter your address into this online form.

3. Summit Lawns

Local address: 5335 N 57th Street, Suite B, Lincoln, NE 68507

Phone number: 402-413-6622

Our score: 87

Summit Lawns is a full-service lawn care company that offers annual services, including lawn mowing from April 1 through October 31, a six-step fertilizer treatment that includes grub control and automatic, unlimited snow removal any time more than one inch of snow falls. You can also pay for individual services such as aeration, mulching, landscape bed maintenance and Christmas light installation.

Benefits of Summit Lawns

  • Is a locally owned and operated business
  • Has a wide range of services and treatments available
  • Doesn’t require customers to sign a contract

Summit Lawns Prices

You’ll need to contact Summit Lawns for exact pricing, but snow removal services start at $349 for the whole season.

Summit Lawns Service Areas

All of Lincoln and many of the surrounding towns are included in Summit Lawns’ service area.

If you want to know whether your home is in Summit Lawns’ service area, or if you’d just like a free quote, call Summit Lawns at 402-413-6622 or visit the company’s website.

4. Happy Lawns

Local address: 2607 Heide Lane, Lincoln, NE 68512

Phone number: 402-954-0921

Our score: 85

Happy Lawns offers weekly mowing, fertilization, weed control and aeration, as well as lawn cleanup and maintenance for mulch or rock beds. Happy Lawns also offers an annual plan that consists of six fertilizer treatments and one aeration treatment. With any of these treatments, you can add on edging, hedge trimming, reseeding and insecticide application.

Benefits of Happy Lawns

  • Offers annual plans and individual services
  • Places an emphasis on waste reduction through the use of recycled machinery
  • Provides customers with a clear, up-front pricing structure

Happy Lawns Prices

Happy Lawns’s website has a user-friendly quote generator. Here are the prices for each individual service, which vary by the size of your lawn.

Service Mowing (once) Mowing (weekly) Fertilization (yearly) Weed Control Aeration
Up to 4,000 square feet $43 $33 $30 x 6 applications $35 $50
4,001–6,000 square feet $47 $37 $40 x 6 applications $55 $70
6,001–9,000 square feet $55 $45 $50 x 6 applications $75 $90
9,001–12,000 square feet $65 $55 $60 x 6 applications $115 $120

To get pricing for other services or for yards larger than 12,000 square feet, contact Happy Lawns directly.

Happy Lawns Service Areas

Happy Lawns serves Lincoln, NE, and the surrounding communities.

For a free estimate, visit the Happy Lawns website or give the company a call.

5. Mr. Amoto Lawn & Tree Services

Local address: 13611 Energy Way, Waverly, NE 68462

Phone number: 402-476-8873

Our score: 87

Although many lawn care and landscaping services include some minor tree and shrub care among their offerings, few boast a full array of tree care. Mr. Amoto Lawn & Tree Services is the exception, offering tree pruning, removal, stump grinding and consulting, as well as a diagnosis and treatment of infections and infestations. Although the company’s lawn care services don’t include mowing, it does offer four annual programs comprising five treatment visits and unlimited service calls in between visits.

Here’s an overview of all four lawn care programs offered by Mr. Amoto Lawn & Tree Services:

Program Lawn Essential Lawn Plus Lawn Complete Natural Lawn
5 fertilizer applications
2 weed control treatments
Targeted weed control
Free service calls
Lawn health report
Happy Lawn Guarantee
Core aeration Fall Fall Spring and Fall
Overseeding Fall Fall
Pelleted compost application

Most of these services are also available on an a la carte basis, as are lawn disease and pest control, landscape maintenance and total lawn renovation

Benefits of Mr. Amoto Lawn & Tree Services

  • Has more than 35 years of experience in the lawn care industry
  • Includes ISA-certified arborists on staff
  • Has credentials from the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)

Mr. Amoto Lawn & Tree Services Prices

You’ll need to contact Mr. Amoto for the pricing of individual services, but here are the starting prices for its annual lawn care programs:

  • Lawn Essential: $40.31 per application
  • Lawn Plus: $48.97 per application
  • Lawn Complete: $51.09 per application
  • Natural Lawn: $63.44 per application

Mr. Amoto Lawn & Tree Services Service Areas

Mr. Amoto serves Lincoln and the surrounding communities.

To find out whether you’re in Mr. Amoto’s service area or to get a free quote, call Mr. Amoto Lawn & Tree Services at 402-476-8873 or visit the company’s website.

Our Recommendation

Overall, we find TruGreen to be the best lawn care company for Lincoln residents. You’ll have your choice of five annual lawn care programs, including an option for using organic products. Additionally, with TruGreen’s Healthy Lawn Guarantee, the company guarantees that you’ll be satisfied with the results or TruGreen will send a technician out for free to fix the problem.

However, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for lawn care and we recognize that TruGreen may not be right for everyone. For example, it doesn’t offer mowing or lawn cleanup, which are services that both Happy Lawns and Summit Lawns provide. Additionally, Mr. Amoto is the only lawn care company on our list with trained arborists on staff, making it your best bet for healthy trees. Finally, Sunday is a good option for those who want to maintain their lawns themselves.

We ultimately recommend getting a free quote from a few lawn care companies to compare treatment pricing in your area.

Why You Should Hire Professional Lawn Care in Lincoln

While you can care for your lawn yourself, most homeowners don’t have access to all the equipment and products needed to keep a lawn looking its best year-round. Additionally, many lawn and landscaping companies do more than just mow, fertilize and kill weeds. They can work with you to create an annual lawn care plan, providing services like plug aeration and tree transplantation that would be difficult, if not impossible, to do yourself.

Plus, some companies provide extra services like snow plowing and removal, pest control and holiday decorating installation.

Lincoln Lawn Care FAQs

What should I look for in a lawn care company?

Hiring a lawn care service is similar to hiring other types of home improvement and contractor work. Cost is one factor, but if you simply go with the lowest price, you may get what you pay for. Here are some specific factors to look for when comparing companies:

  • Expertise: How long has the company been in business?
  • Training: Are the technicians properly trained and licensed?
  • Reputation: What do online customer reviews have to say?
  • Customization: Does the company use the same products on every lawn or does it create custom treatments?

What’s the best turfgrass for a Nebraska lawn?

For the northern Great Plains region, experts from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Turfgrass Science Program recommend Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue and buffalograss. For eastern Nebraska, including Lincoln, consider using a seed mix of 90% tall fescue and 10% Kentucky bluegrass. It’s not recommended that you use ryegrass, Bermuda grass or zoysia grass, as these grasses tend to grow poorly in Nebraska’s climate zone.

When should I overseed my Nebraska lawn?

Most lawns in Nebraska use cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass and fescue. Since these grasses experience the most stress from the summer heat, the best time to add more grass seed is in the early fall when temperatures begin to cool. This will allow enough time for the seedlings to become well-established before the cold of winter. Warm-season grasses like buffalograss should be overseeded in the spring.

Lawn Care Rating Methodology

To help you find the best lawn care company, our reviews team researched numerous lawn care providers, analyzing their services, guarantees and customer service, among other factors:

  • Experience: We awarded more points to lawn care companies that had multiple years of experience and deducted points from newer lawn care companies.
  • Reputation: Some lawn care companies don’t follow through on their service agreements and won’t provide the services outlined in a contract. We rated companies based on their ratings on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and customer reviews and awarded more points to companies with a higher BBB rating and positive customer reviews.
  • Guarantees: We scored lawn care providers based on whether or not they provided guarantees with their services, as this benefit insures the work completed.
  • Customer service: Lawn care companies that offer 24/7 customer service, have an online chat and provide an online quote form received higher points than companies without these offerings.

To keep our data current, our team regularly updates the data points for each company to ensure their coverage offerings, pricing and availability are accurate.

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