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Stock Notice: Canon RF 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1L IS USM at the Canon USA Store | Canon Rumors

Every time I see the extra $100 added to a RF series L lens, I get annoyed. It just feels so petty to raise prices during a pandemic, even if we’re kind of at the tail end of it.

I’m going to bet there will be more and more of that – these prices always go up. It’s to be expected right now though – the costs of production inputs for many sectors has continued to increase in price, and shipping costs have gone through the roof. I would have to assume Canon has been hit by the same cost overruns and is going to increase their prices to recoup.

Fun story – Canon Rumors actually saved me a few hundred dollars by posting an article noting that Canadian prices were going to increase on a lens I was after. I ran out and bought it right away, and CR ended up being right – the price increased shortly thereafter. Thanks again for that CR!

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