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STL248: Best of Shop Talk Live #1

From STL179
Question 1:

From Tony:

We hear so much talk about  Lie Nielsen, Veritas, and Stanley hand planes but, I have a Millers Falls No. 8 that i picked up from an Antique store, that works really well. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the Millers Falls Name be mentioned on the Podcast, so I am wondering if they’re any good? They seem to have been in contention with Stanley and they are American made from New England no less, since 1868!

Question 2:

From Matt:

I have been wanting to do a project using drawbore mortise and tenon joints. Is it a bad idea to attempt this type of joint in a softer woods like cherry or walnut, rather than oak.

From STL185

Bob Van Dyke’s all-time favorite tool of all time

From STL214

What the pros do when they screw up

From STL223

Question 4:

Hi Guys,
I’ve been relistening to some of the old episodes. In #59 a question was asked about comparing Danish oil and wiping varnish. One of the statements mentioned “real varnish”. I was wondering what “real varnish” means. Enjoy your program immensely.

From STL176

If you could only pick two joints what would they be?


From STL213

Question 2:

From Dennis:
Do you have any tips for the lumber yard, to help single out troubled boards? Quarter sawn white oak is not cheap to just throw away and our winters in Southern California are not that cold to burn 14 board feet.


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