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Smartphones with top-end MediaTek and Qualcomm chips will rise in price

Flagships are growing in value from year to year. There are many reasons for this, they can change, but the trend itself remains unchanged. Each new generation offers a faster and more powerful chips, better graphics, better display quality, bigger battery capacity, faster-charging speeds and, of course, more memory.

Smartphones with top-end MediaTek and Qualcomm chips will rise in price

In 2022, the alignment will remain the same. Flagships will offer more advanced features and users will have to pay for them out of pocket. A further increase in capabilities, primarily technical ones, will inevitably be accompanied by an inevitable rise in prices for smartphones. The shortage of chips, which is unlikely to be overcome this year, also drives up the cost of devices. One of the factors that will lead to higher prices for flagships will be the emergence of new top-end chips – Snapdragon 898 and Dimensity 2000.

The performance and energy efficiency gains from the move to 4nm technology will keep the Dimensity 2000 and Snapdragon 898 flagships from dropping below $ 775. This forecast was in place by the well-known network insider Digital Chat Station.

It turns out that those who save money to buy the flagship of 2022 should be ready to give more money in comparison with the top devices of previous years.

The global shortage of microcircuits

TrendForce has recently analyzed the situation in the segment of factoryless chipset developers in the second quarter of this year: this part of the semiconductor industry showed rapid growth, which is explained by the global shortage of microcircuits and increased demand for them.

According to reports, the total revenue of the top ten factoryless chip developers reached $ 29.9 billion; which is 60.8% more than in the second quarter of 2020, when the result of $ 18.6 billion was shown.

So, Qualcomm tops the rating of non-self-produced chipset developers with revenues of $ 6.47 billion. Growth in annual terms was 70.0%, which, in particular, was due to the strong demand for 5G solutions.

In second place is NVIDIA: the quarterly revenue of this company rose by 68.8% – to $ 5.84 billion. At the same time, the segment of gaming graphics accelerators recorded an increase of 91.1%.

Closes the top three Broadcom with $ 4.95 billion and an increase of 19.2%. There has been strong demand for Ethernet controllers and Wi-Fi 6E chips.

Of particular note is the success of MediaTek and AMD, which occupy the fourth and fifth places, respectively. These companies showed close to 100% growth in revenue – up to $ 4.49 billion and $ 3.85 billion.

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