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Slack is down: Business messenger experiencing problems since Friday morning

The business instant messenger Slack is apparently experiencing a service disruption on Friday morning, October 1. The mobile app, desktop version, web version, and even the instant messenger’s very own error message are not available. While I can’t reach any of my colleagues in the NextPit office, I’d rather help you out with a few tips. Share your frustration in the comments section below!

If your company uses the instant messenger known as Slack, you might be sitting alone in your home office on Friday morning. This is because Slack’s servers are apparently affected by a disruption. The NextPit editorial team also uses Slack, which is how I first became aware of the problems. Meanwhile, Slack has also confirmed the problems on Twitter.

If you want to reach your colleagues quickly on Slack, you can temporarily switch your DNS server to the Google DNS. Alternatively, you can switch to other instant messenger alternatives, some of which we have listed for you in the linked article. If you’re annoyed with Slack, be sure to read on.

Fed up with Slack? Here’s how you can vent

Even though the problems with Slack don’t annoy me that much, I know that many people’s hats drop whenever they experience issues with their computers or apps. So I’ve prepared a few ways for you to blow off steam below. Step 1: Get upset together digitally!

Step 2: Read some articles on NextPit instead of hanging out and working on Slack. For this segment, I’ve picked out a few gems for you in the list below, carefully curated from our past few days’ worth of work!

There, all should be good now. I really hope that Slack will be back up and running as soon as possible for us to continue chatting with our colleagues. Oh, and don’t take this article too seriously. A little fun on Friday mornings with Slack problems certainly never hurt anyone!

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