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Sky Glass is bringing Microsoft Kinect back from the dead… sort of

The exciting launch of Sky Glass television set includes a new camera accessory that will enable viewers to sync content with fellow users and enjoy watch parties.

The optional 4K cameras includes gesture and motion capture support, just like the defunct Kinect sensor designed for Xbox, and will enable users to enjoy video chat on the screen while they’re watching synced content.

So, you can watch Premier League footy with your mates on a Sunday afternoon without the risk of one of you celebrating before the other has seen the goal go in.

What’s this got to do with Microsoft? Well, they’ve been working with Sky on the software side of things.

“Working with Microsoft we’re also building a fantastic feature that lets us watch TV together even if we’re miles apart,” Fraser Stirling, Sky’s chief product office said (via The Verge).

“It syncs your TV with other households, with integrated video and chat on-screen, and you can choose content from the biggest channels — including Premier League matches, movies, and all your favourite entertainment.”

It’s an element of the service we’ll greatly look forward to testing when Sky drops its streaming-centric dish-less offering later this month.

The 43-inch TV (£13 a month for 48 months) and Sky Ultimate TV package (£26/pm) can be snagged from just £39 a month, although the price goes up to £95 a month if you want Sky Sports involved. It goes up further still if you want a bigger set.

The TVs themselves have a built-in Dolby Atmos soundbar and an interface focused on getting the best of Sky, Netflix and local broadcast channels. The sets come in a range of colours, as well as 55-inch and 65-inch options. There’s 4K compatibility with Dolby Vision HDR support.

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