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SHAPE Clip-On and Swing-Away Matte Boxes Released

SHAPE Clip-On and Swing-Away Matte Boxes Released

SHAPE has just released not one but two new matte boxes: the SHAPE Clip-On and Swing-Away. The main difference between the two is obviously how you attach them to your lens or camera rig, but both versions can take up to two 4×5.6 filters with one rotatable filter tray. So let’s take a closer look at these high-quality matte boxes!

Canadian manufacturer SHAPE has been on fire lately with the recent release of their AC toolkit utility belt and their rolling camera backpack. The company is well-known for making high-quality and innovative products.

This time, SHAPE is back with two new matte boxes, the SHAPE Clip-On and Swing-Away, joining their already available Carbon Fiber and 4×4 matte boxes.

Image credit: SHAPE

SHAPE Clip-On matte box features

The SHAPE Clip-On matte box is a lightweight option – only 680g/1.50lbs – that, as its name suggests, attaches directly in front of your lens.

Image credit: SHAPE

This matte box is made out of a silicone hood attached to an aluminum frame. The silicone shade box can be removed if you don’t need it.

Image credit: SHAPE

On the main CNC machined frame of the SHAPE Clip-On matte box is a removable carbon-fiber French flag. The French flag features two sets of knobs: two knobs to adjust the flag’s tension and two knobs to lock it into place or remove it.

Image credit: SHAPE

The SHAPE Clip-On matte box can take up to two 4×5.6 filters, with one rotatable filter tray. You can also use 4×4 filters in the trays.

The matte box has a maximum outer diameter of 124mm, which should be more than enough for most lenses. If your lenses have a smaller outer diameter, don’t worry, the kit comes with a 124 to 87mm clamp-on adapter ring. Also, there are four threaded aluminum adapter rings: 87 to 82mm, 87 to 77mm, 87 to 72mm, and 87 to 67mm. Of course, if your lens has a smaller front filter ring, you can still use a step-up ring on your lens.

Image credit: SHAPE

SHAPE Swing-Away matte box features

The SHAPE Swing-Away matte box is not much different than the Clip-On version. Indeed, the core of the system is the same; it just adds a removable 15mm LWS rod bracket into the mix. That way, you can mount the Swing-Away matte box to your rig.

Image credit: SHAPE

The main advantage of this matte box is that you don’t need to unscrew stuff to make a lens swap: pull the spring pin, rotate the matte box out of the way, change your lens, and put the matte box back in place.

Image credit: SHAPE

There are two magnets to hold the matte box into place when closed. Last but not least, this package includes another 124mm donut for added versatility.

Price and availability

The SHAPE Clip-On matte box retails for €463.71, and the Swing-Away version is €630.98. Both products are available now.

For more information, please visit SHAPE’s website here.

What do you think about these two new matte boxes? Do you prefer a Clip-On or Swing-Away matte box? What model do you currently use? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!

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