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Sennheiser’s RS 5200 headphones look like what the (TV) doctor ordered

Sennheiser has announced a pair of wireless headphones in the RS 5200 designed to work with your TV.

Considering the sound emitted from most TVs is not the best, Sennheiser is focusing on making dialogue easier to hear and easy to customise with the RS 5200.

Looking like a cross between a headphone and a stethoscope, the RS 5200 features a “lightweight ergonomic design” intended to increase comfort levels by reducing the pressure on your ears.

Like a pair of true wireless headphones, there are four styles and sizes of ear-tip adapters so you can get the best fit and seal for your ears. Sennheiser also says the under-the-chin design “does not put pressure on the temples” and actually makes it easier to wear for those who have glasses.

Sennheiser RS 5200 adapters

Easy is the byword for the Sennheiser RS 5200 headphones. With their wireless transmission, it’s claimed that audio from a TV can be enjoyed up to 70m away from the transmitter unit, with the docking station providing the connection between the headphones and the TV with digital optical and analogue audio connections (and cables).

Battery life is up to 12 hours before the headphones require another charge, with the system notifying the user when battery is low, automatically turning off to save power when not in use.

And Sennheiser is aiming to offer easy customisation of settings for an audio performance that’s tailored to your needs. The Speech Clarity Function removes background sound (presumably from your room) to make audio from the TV and dialogue easy to hear.

There are also three hearing profiles to enhance the clarity of various frequency ranges, with the RS 200 also offering independent left and right volume controls.

It reminds us of the approach Sony took with is Wireless Handy speaker that also looked to improve the audio experience, and anything that does so is a positive in our books.

With a suggested retail price of £229.99 / €249.90, the Sennheiser RS 5200 is available now.

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