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Riders Republic editions and pre order bonus

riders republic pre order bunny outfit

Riders Republic is available to pre order as three main editions: the Standard Edition (base game), Gold Edition, and wallet-draining Ultimate Edition. Those that pre order the game before the release date of October 28 will also receive the Riders Republic pre purchase bonus, the Bunny Pack. 

The Bunny Pack pre order bonus

The Bunny Pack is issued to all those that pre purchase an edition of the full game. It contains a bunny outfit, extra blue bunny head and two rainbow snowboard paint decals.

Riders Republic Standard, Gold, Ultimate Editions

Standard Edition Gold Edition Ultimate Edition
Riders Republic  Riders RepublicYear 1 Pass – season pass Riders RepublicYear 1 Pass – season passUltimate Pack

Riders Republic Ultimate Pack

The Ultimate Pack is a collection of four cosmetic packs that come with the Ultimate Edition of Riders Republic: Cosmic Pack, Rainbow Pack, Neon Pack, and Skull ‘n’ Style Pack. Also in the pack are 20 bonus Helicopter Tickets. Helicopter Tickets allow you to fast travel to anywhere on the map – one ticket per journey.

Riders Republic limited editions

There are two limited versions of Riders Republic exclusive to certain retailers. These bundle together the base game with one of the packs from the Ultimate Pack. For example, the Freeride Edition features the base game and the Neon Pack, while the limited edition from Amazon features the Rainbow Pack alongside the main game. 

Riders Republic Collector’s Edition

Typically the Collector’s Edition of a game is one that bundles up a feast of physical items alongside all the digital ones: An art book, soundtrack, keyring, pin badges, and exclusive replica model, for example. Unfortunately there is no Riders Republic Collector’s Edition currently available, nor has one been announced. If that changes we will update this page.

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