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Q Acoustics details new Concept loudspeaker range

Hi-fi brand Q Acoustics has introduced the newest models of its award-winning series of Concept stereo and home cinema loudspeakers, with the range consisting of the Concept 30 standmount, Concept 50 floorstander and Concept 90 centre.

It’s been a busy 2021 for Q Acoustics having launched their Q Active speaker systems and M20 wireless speaker. And now they’ve unveiled new additions to their Concept loudspeaker range.

Taking cues from their flagship Concept 300 and Concept 500 speakers, the new speakers aim to deliver “truly high-end home audio performance without the high-end price tag.”

New features

The focus of the acoustic innovation in the latest range has been towards deigning the quietest cabinet possible, so the sound you hear is unaffected by internal and external resonances.

The aim has been on delivering a focused stereo image, accurate audio and an extended holographic soundstage, to give listeners what Q Acoustics claims is the most realistic an most involving performance “ever heard” at this price-point.

These innovations for the Concept 30, 50 and 90 include the driver assembly being mounted to the front aluminium baffle by pretensioned studs. This is so the correct acoustic seal is produced, dampening vibrations as well as minimising the structural coupling of the assembly in main cabinet.

Q Acoustics Concept 50 loudspeaker

The Concept 50 floorstanders also make use of specially designed Helmholtz Pressure Equalisers (HPE) tubes to improve its frequency response.

The 5-inch mid/bass and 0.9-inch tweeter drivers are new, redesigned from the ground-up for increased power handling, while the high-frequency driver has been fully hermetically sealed and mechanically isolated from the front baffle (so it’s now floating) to protect it from internal resonances generated from the mid/bass driver.

Q Acoustics Concept 30 standmount

The crossover design – that’s where high, mid and low frequencies are separated out and sent off to their respective drive units – has been mounted on the isolation base to keep them free of vibrations, and away from the electro-magnetic fields produced by the drive units.

Like the rest of Q Acoustics’ products, the new speakers retain that distinctive ‘look’, taking the premium high gloss finish from the 300 and 500 models, while also retaining the aluminium front baffle plate. All of the speakers are available in black, silver and white finishes.

Q Acoustics Concept 90 centre

Home Cinema set-up

Q Acoustics Concept home cinema

And as well as being musically talented, with this new range you could create a Q Acoustics-focussed speaker package.

Home cinema aficionados can realise a 2.1 or 5.1 set-up based around the above speakers and add the Q B12 subwoofer to take care of the low-end performance (you could also add the 300 or 500 loudspeakers if that’s of interest).

Prices and availability for new Concept loudspeaker range

The Concept 30, 50 and 90 loudspeakers go on sale at the end of October, and can be purchased from local independent dealers.

And those prices are…

  • Q Acoustics Concept 30 standmount – £899 / €1,199/ $1,299
  • Q Acoustics Concept 50 floorstander – £1,999 / €2,599 / $2,999
  • Q Acoustics Concept 90 centre – £649 / €849 / $999
  • Q Acoustics Concept 50 5.1 (2x Concept 50, 2x Concept 30, Concept 90 and Q B12 subwoofer) – £4,225 / €5,495 / $6,295
  • Q Acoustics WB75 wall bracket – £59.95 / €79 / $89
  • Q Acoustics Q FS75 speaker stand for Concept 30 – £375 / $499 / €449

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