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Poll of the Week: How important is IP rating to you?

Samsung has equipped its latest Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 foldables with IP rating certification. The question whether this is a selling point or not for the new flagships remain up in the air. So in this edition of Poll of the Week, we ask a very simple question: Is IP rating important to you when buying a smartphone?

Ingress Protection” or “International Protection” is an international standard to denote the protection of electrical devices against water and dust. As a customer, you can easily know whether a smartphone can survive a dive into water and whether you have to worry about your handset while you are frolicking away at the beach. With the release of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Z Flip 3, a new device category now receives protection against water and dust (to a certain degree, of course):

Foldable smartphones are a difficult technical feat to achieve when it comes to manufacturing quality products. This is because manufacturers like Samsung have to use a foldable display in addition to implementing complicated movement mechanisms for the hinge so that the display doesn’t bend too much. For the very first time, Samsung manages to achieve an IPX8 certification with their new foldable flagships. This means these new smartphones should be able to withstand even a prolonged amount of time when submerged underwater.

Is IP rating important to you?

But how often do you go swimming with your smartphone anyway? And is having an IP rating really enough to provide you with confidence in the hardware to take a $1,500 smartphone into the pool? In our Poll of the Week, we want you to answer two simple questions:

Maybe your confidence in IP certification might be related to the next question:

Here we are at the short and sweet end of this poll. Of course, we want to also give you the opportunity to share your opinion with us when it comes to everything about smartphones, water protection, and IP rating in the comments section. Next Monday, we would have dissected the results of this poll and address any interesting objections from the NextPit community that arises, if any.

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