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PlayStation acquires studio behind Demon’s Souls remake

PlayStation Studios is continuing to grow, as the developers of Demon Souls and Shadow of Colossus remake have joined Sony.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has acquired another key studio in the industry, as Bluepoint Games has now officially joined the PlayStation Studios family.

Bluepoint Games is responsible for the critically acclaimed PS4 Shadow of the Colossus game, as well as the PS5 remake of Demon’s Souls.

Bluepoint also had a hand in developing fan favourites like Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.

PlayStation is very familiar with Bluepoint Studios; Sony has confirmed that over 1.4 million copies of Demon Souls have sold since its release in November of last year.

IGN spoke to Bluepoint President Marco Thrush to learn more about this new pairing, and it seems that Bluepoint wants to develop original content moving forward, which means that we likely won’t see another remake from this team.

However, no new games have been officially announced just yet, so it’s still unclear on what new content the devs are aiming to work on in the future.

Thrush also mentioned in the interview that the transition from remasters to remakes was the next step for the company, noting that the team only consisted of 15 people during the production of the original God of War collection.

During the Demon’s Soul remake though, the group grew to 95 people, allowing Bluepoint to do more, while also outsourcing work.

Bluepoint also was happy to be acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment, as both companies have worked together before, now Bluepoint can focus on the games in full.

PlayStation will likely keep looking for more potential acquisitions – PlayStation acquired Manchester-based Fabrik Games and Liverpool-based Firesprite earlier this month – but Bluepoint claims that as long as the studios share the same values, it will continue to expand the experience for PlayStation players and users.

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