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Pixel 6 may arrive with leg-up on iPhone and top Samsung phones

The Google Pixel 6 will reportedly offer a new Pixel Stand for wireless charging that will eclipse what’s on offer form the top Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone handsets.

An Android Police exclusive report claims the new Pixel Stand will support 23W wireless charging when it arrives this autumn.

The “Google Pixel 23W WL Stand” has popped up in a retail listing for “one of the major US carriers” according to the report. The retailer is unnamed, presumably to protect the report’s source.

The current Pixel Stand only supports 10W wireless charging, so it would be a major boost if the report proves to be accurate.

Pixel-Stand-23W leak
Image credit: Android Police

It would give Google bragging rights over Apple’s iPhone 12, which only offers a maximum of 15W wireless charging via the MagSafe technology and only 7.5W from a standard Qi wireless charger. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S21 range maxes out at 15W, so Google would have a leg-up here too.

However, if Google does boost the Pixel Stand to 23W it’d still be miles behind OnePlus, which can manage 50W wireless charging with more potentially still to come by the end of the year.

On the downside, the new Pixel Stand wouldn’t provide an instant bonus out of the box for Pixel 6 buyers. It’s almost certain to command an additional fee, just like the original £69 Pixel Stand.

However, given the company reportedly doesn’t intend to include a charger in the box anyway, the presence of a better Pixel Stand could give users more choice.

Google has confirmed the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will be available in the autumn with a brand new design, improved camera arrays, Android 12 and the new Google Tensor processor.

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