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OnePlus 9/Pro gets the first public beta update of OxygenOS 12

Following the release of the AOSP source code of Android 12the public beta version of OxygenOS 12 is now available for the OnePlus 9/Pro models. The public beta version of Oxygen OS 12 has a new user interface, simplified visual effects, more subtle gradients in different display elements, and acquires some ColorOS elements.

New design

OnePlus has been pursuing its “Burdenless Design” concept. OxygenOS 12 creates a new design “around light and shadow” that users can see in the private safe and meditation mode.

OxygenOS 12

Small icons and typography have been simplified throughout the UI, icons have more shadows and gradients, and each visual effect is customized for different user scenarios.

Negative One Screen

The “Scout” function of OxygenOS is being launched worldwide. It has been tested throughout the year in India and is equivalent to a search portal for finding content on the device, accessing certain device services, and searching the Web. Negative One Screen has also been improved, supporting both bright and dark designs. It also integrates accessory information such as OnePlus watches and OnePlus headphones.

OxygenOS 12

OmePlus Note App

OxygenOS 12’s notes have a new formatting tool, and users can use the graffiti tool to draw/draw.

OxygenOS 12

Work-Life Balance 2.0

Work-Life Balance is one of several India-specific features from OnePlus for Indian users. This function is equivalent to a scene function. Users can define entering and exiting work mode and life mode, and select notification messages allowed in different modes.

Dark mode 2.0

Dark Mode 2.0 has three different adjustment levels, and users can choose different dark levels as they need it.

Canvas AOD 2.0

The Canvas feature helps to recreate a drawing wireframe with respect to the lock screen image on your smartphone. It has an update on OxygenOS 12 and it is custom to the always-on-display.  Furthermore, this feature better adapts to images of different sizes and supports scaling. Users can also now make small adjustments and remove lines that do not fit properly. In addition, the video screen is a custom screen display function in OnePlus. This version also has a variety of new optiomzations and line colours. This can better customize the selection of photos and the adjustment of the final effect. It adapts better to images of different sizes and supports zooming. Users can now make some subtle adjustments to remove inappropriate lines.

Game Toolbox 2.0

OxygenOS 12 brings the game toolbox in OnePlus Nord 2 to all OnePlus users. It supports changing voices in games such as PUGB Mobile and Fortnite.

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