Film photography publication 35mmc and manual lens specialist Skyllaney Opto-Mechanics have teamed up to create Omnar Lenses, a new lens manufacturer who has just revealed what will be the company’s first lens, the Omnar CN26–6, a 26mm F6 fixed-aperture M-mount lens.

The lens is constructed of optical elements from Canon’s AF-10 point-and-shoot camera. Omnar Lenses says the lens is ‘a simple optic with a combination of [coated] glass and plastic elements.’ While Omnar Lenses claims it’s sharp, it does note the lens ‘definitely gives a strong [point-and-shoot] aesthetic to images.’

The lens is rangefinder coupled from 67cm (23”) to infinity and can focus uncoupled down to 30cm (11.8”). It will be offered in three hand-painted colors that cover the metal housings (painted by @camerakote): Matte Black Chrome Cerakote, Silver Chrome Cerakote and High Gloss Black Lacquer. There will also be the option for custom colors once units start shipping, according to Omnar Lenses,

Omnar Lenses isn’t oblivious to the absurdity of this lens, saying they’re ‘sure it will divide opinion, especially when housed in such a high quality body.’ But, that’s part of the appeal and why it’s bringing it to market.

Only ’20–30’ of these lenses will be made, so it’ll be a first-come-first-serve ordeal. The price is yet to be determined and sample images are yet to be shared, but the announcement post notes units should arrive to the first orders ‘this side of Christmas.’ You can keep up with the latest news by subscribing to the Omnar Lenses newsletter on the company’s website.