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New World will get mounts. We just don’t know when

Amazon is known for its timely deliveries, but one thing it appears to have left back at the depot in it’s latest game release are mounts. Rideable horses, bears, giant wolves, and even spiders, are a standard feature in most MMORPGs, but if you want to go anywhere in New World, you have to rely on your avatar’s own two feet.

To be fair, movement across New World is fairly rapid (very much so thanks to fast travel), the landscape is frequently attractive on the eye, and there’s plenty to do within just a few steps. But in an MMO that is clearly inspired by the colonial era, when horses and wagons were as commonplace as rapiers and flintlocks, it seems utterly bizarre that no beasts of burden exist.

Amazon Studios has tried to explain the glaring oversight with some in-game lore, suggesting that horses and donkeys downed tools on their arrival to the New World, refused to cooperate with the colonists, and have hidden themselves away. It’s an absurd explanation, but clearly one that leaves open the prospect that a “cure” for such insolent behavoir can be found – just in time for a future expansion, no doubt.

It’s a certainty that mounts will be introduced to New World, but there is no commitment to when that might be. “That’s gonna happen at some point” said Amazon Games’ Scot Lane when asked a year ago. “We’ll add mounts when we feel players will benefit from them and we can do them in a really cool way that works for us.”

As an aside, Guild Wars 2 didn’t have mounts when it launched, but they were added later, in 2017 – five years after the game was first released. They were worth the wait, but let’s hope New World players won’t have to hang around so long for a ride.

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