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New World Life Staff Builds for PvE, PvP, and Solo play

The Life Staff is the only dedicated healing weapon in the game. While Amazon Games meant it to be the must-have dedicated group content weapon, it turns out it is a great solo weapon. Here we go through several possibilities of New World Life Staff Builds for a variety of content.

The best New World weapon to pair with a Life Staff

There isn’t necessarily a best weapon to pair with the New World Life Staff. The Life Staff works in so many different builds that it is generally one of the most useful weapons to have in the game. Solo players who want to level fast can use the New World Life Staff as part of their build. It will keep them alive for longer while having a DPS weapon to kill the enemies they encounter in PvP, questing and expeditions.

Meanwhile, the Life Staff is the only dedicated healing weapon in New World. If you are primarily opting for a New World healer build, you can use the weapon alongside a complementary weapon. Something like another intellect weapon scales well, while you could use a weapon for some defensiveness. Regardless, here are the New World best weapons to pair with a Life Staff.

  • Fire Staff
  • Ice Gauntlet
  • Hatchet
  • Rapier
  • Sword and Shield
  • Spear
  • Great Axe

We will go through why these weapon combis make great additions to Life Staff builds with the best New World weapons to pair with a Life Staff listed.

New World Life Staff Builds

New World Hatchet Life Staff Build

Life Staff weapon mastery

The Life Staff is the only dedicated healing weapon in the game. The two weapon masteries you can go down are the Healing and Protector Tree. The Protector tree is primarily a mixture of damage and healing, with a buff focused playstyle. Meanwhile, the Healing specialization is your traditional healing playstyle.

The Protector tree has three skills:

  • Orb of Protection – Shoots out a Light that grants 10% Fortify for 20 seconds and heals an ally for 10% of the weapon damage. It also deals 146% damage if it hits an enemy.
  • Light’s Embrace – A targeted heal that heals for 1005 weapon damage + 30% more for every bufff on the target.
  • Beacon – Shoot out a light projectile that deals 146% weapon damage to enemies. It Beacon attaches itself to an enemy, healing allies for 20% every second for ten seconds.

The idea behind the build is to buff your allies with the Beacon’s Haste buff, the Fortify buffs, and Orb of Protection’s Recovery Buff. You can then heal an ally with those buffs for 190% weapon damage with Light’s Embrace. It is the strongest healing spell in the game and requires a level 7 Life Staff mastery before the bac. To make the build work, you will need the second point into Orb of Protection, the fourth perk in Beacon and Light’s Embrace.

Meanwhile, you have the Healing weapon mastery tree. The Healing tree grants

  • Divine Embrace – Heal a target for 150% weapon damage.
  • Sacred Ground – Bless an area with Life magic for 15 seconds and heals friendly targets for 20% for every second they remain in its zone.
  • Splash of Light – You and all group members within 100m receive 50% of the weapon damage in healing. 

The tree’s core is mainly about direct group healing, making it the more traditional healing playstyle. You can also invest your New World Life Staff weapon mastery points into passives that make your light and heavy attacks cost no mana and heal your allies they pass through.

Healer Builds

If you like the idea of playing a New World healer build, there are two choices. The first is to take a Sword and Shield, while the second is an Ice Gauntlet. The Sword and Shield is your option if you prefer melee DPS builds. It grants the options to do charges, stuns, and use a defensive cooldown called Final Stand. Final Stand is a lifesaver as the skill reduces all incoming damage by 30% on top of your Fortify buffs. It is perfect for PvP situations or if you gain threat from your tank in an Expedition or fighting bosses. Meanwhile, you can get access to some AOE cleave or a Shield Slam to stun your opponent.

If you prefer the idea of standing back and healing, the Ice Gauntlet is great. The Ice Gauntlet has many ranged CC effects, which slow your opponent. It is great if you like assisting your allies in PvE or PvP, as you provide support by kiting your opponents through spells like Ice Storm. Not to mention the Ice Gauntlet has an amazing skill called Entombed, which encases the user in ice. The skill prevents all incoming damage during the time and grants mana regen while inside. Exiting also grants damage reduction and removes your debuffs if you upgrade the skill.

If you opt for these types of Life Staff builds, you’ll need to invest a lot more of your skills into the Focus attribute as that provides better mana regeneration and healing scaling. While you’re reading through this article, be aware your heals will be, much weaker, rather you’ll rely on weapon damage scaling to heal.

If you want to look at New World healer builds, we recommend exploring our guide in more detail.

New World Life Staff solo builds

While the Life Staff is supposed to be a weapon that supports allies, it can be a great weapon for becoming unstoppable. In this sense, the Hatchet is the best weapon to pair with the New World Life Staff. The reason why is because the Hatchet has a cheat death and self-healing mechanic. When you activate cheat death, the Hatchet wielder can switch to a Life Staff while being impervious to damage for three seconds. Said Hatchet users can then cast skills like Sacred Ground and Beacon to begin healing themselves while continuing to scrap.

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In general, any New World solo player Life Staff build should use the Healing Staff as follows

New World Life Staff Build
Image via NWDB.

If you’re not feeling the Hatchet, you can use the Fire Staff as your go-to weapon. The Fire Staff is the only other weapon outside the Ice Gauntlet that has Intellect weapon scaling. Therefore, you can run something like the Protector mastery tree and have your Beacon do even more damage alongside your Fire Staff’s Fire Ball and Pillar of Flame skills. For some protection, you can opt-in for Incinerate so you can get a knockback ability if it gets a bit too hairy.

Lastly, we have the Spear. The Spear has two options for you. The first is the Zoner Skill tree, which offers a Javelin toss, Sweep, and Cyclone. You can take the Javelin and Leg Sweep to get yourself two CC skills that will keep your squishy healer focus alive. If you prefer to use the Dexterity DPS build with some healing, then Impaler is your DPS tool. You can get Skewer, Vault Kick, and Perforate, which are damage and CC skills. While you’re hitting your enemy, slap the Life Staff’s Beacon on them for good measure. That way, you can do damage and auto-heal at the same time.

New World Life Staff PvP builds

If you’re opting for a specific PvP build, then these weapons work well.

The Rapier has plenty of tools to make it harder for enemies to hit you. If you spec into the Grace mastery tree, you can get Riposte, which stuns an enemy if they hit you while the skill remains active. More so, you have escape tools with Evade and Fleche. Evade is another dodge type ability, which also deals damage with your Rapier. On the other hand, Fleche is a skill that performs a 10m charge. While it is a damage ability used to close gaps, you can use it for dashing away and escaping instead.

If you would rather be a berserker and slay enemies, the Great Axe and Hatchet are great PvP weapon combos. As discussed, the Hatchet is a healing menace anyway. The only counters to healing in PvP are to outburst your opponent or use the Hatchet’s Infected Throw to apply an anti-healing effect. So, in theory, you are rather unkillable in PvP. In fact, the weapon combo is by far one of the strongest builds in PvP.

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Lastly, we have the Great Axe. The weapon is all about controlling your opponents and swinging at them. It is a fairly dangerous playstyle, so much so that taking a Life Staff or having a pocket healer is worth it. If you take the life staff, you can sit in your areas of control. Take Gravity Well, for example. That skill pulls in nearby enemies to the impact zone. Follow that up with Sacred Ground and Beacon and unleash your fury on that area, and get healed simultaneously. This about does it for our New World Life Staff builds. What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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