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New World Housing – How to get a house in New World

Even in a world where you crash land in a New World, filled with mystical, undead and human baddies around every corner, your character still needs a home. New World Housing is a feature that offers players the chance to settle. Here is what New World housing does, along with tips on how to get your first New World house.

New World Housing

Housing in New World is one of the secondary options for players to enjoy. Players can buy property all over Aeternum’s settlements, each ranging from various prices. The cheapest houses can cost you 2500 gold (if it is your first house), a wooden shack, basically. However, you can buy multi-story buildings, gardens, and various rooms, which subsequently increase the cost of the house. You can also expand your houses’ storage, allowing you to hold more resources in a settlement.

Tier Price
1 5000 (2500 if first)
2 10.000 (5000 if first purchase)
3 15,000 (7500 if first purchase)
4 20,000 (10,000 if first purchase)

Depending on the tier of the house you bought, you will get a fester Home teleport button. Tier 1 starts off at 4 hours teleport cooldown, with tier 2 at 3 hours, tier 3 at 2.5 and tier 4 at 2 hours. Furthermore, the higher the house tier, the more lights, pets, decorations and storage you can have. As you can see, Tier 4 housing is definitely worth the price.

When you buy a house on a server, you then proceed to decorate it using the game’s engineering crafting skill. Whoever has the best score then displays their housing to players that walk by the house in the settlement. It gave the proud homeowner some sense of prestige that they have the best house on the server for that specific slot.

The other benefit is that buying a house in a settlement offers the player a New World teleporting feature. Whenever you want to teleport back to the settlement you reside in, you can do so by clicking on the settlement. This essentially gives you a second recall feature, allowing you to set your inn at another location. That way, you can Inn return to one settlement for your current character objective while settling in another city.

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You can buy a New World house in any settlement you want to base yourself strategically. Or you can buy a house you generally think is amazing. The choice is all yours.

How to buy a New World house 

Before you can buy your first New World house, you need to reach certain criteria. You will need to reach a certain settlement standing. Housing unlocks at level 10, and you need to take the settlement perk to buy property in the area. If you want to buy higher tier property, you will need to further increase your standing with the settlement.

After that, you need to have the gold to buy a New World house. When you have the money, you can walk up to a house and purchase it. Before purchasing a house, you have the option to walk into a place and have a look around before you commit to the purchase.

We highly recommend making money through the Trading Post if you’re looking to fund your first house. You can also level engineering and craft your own furniture. If you want to read more into New World housing, you can visit the official New World blog post here.

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