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New World Herbs guide: Cinnamon, Basil and other cooking herbs

If you’re really into your New World crafting, chances are you have found a few uses for Herbs. Herbs are quite an important part of the early game, especially for cooking and Arcana levelling. However, one of the things people are curious the most about is the variety of special cooking materials you can get. Some examples are New World’s Cinnamon, Basil, Garlic, Paprika and more, which are rare drops from harvesting Herbs.

New World Rare Herbs

Cinnamon is a rare herb that you can gather from a variety of Herb spots in New World. You can find herbs all over the starting zones on Aeternum, typically located in the lush grassy areas of each zone. Whatever you go to harvest one using your sickle, you will have a random chance to get Garlic, Cinnamon, and other items.

When you get one, you can insert these into a variety of cooking recipes, typically the second item slot when you go to make Sausage and other cooking recipes. These are important, as you can get extra cooking experience, which you can use later for other recipes later on.

Do be aware that each region of the game offers different herb rarities. For example, the southern coastal regions have a chance to give Cinnamon. Meanwhile, Everfall and Brightwood offer Basil, Ginger in Windsward, Garlic in Everfall, and Mint in the far eastern zones of Aeternum, plus many many more. If you’re looking for a specific herb, you might have to travel around the settlements and see what is trading at each settlement’s trading post.

New World Herbs Locations

If you want some decent areas to harvest Herbs, you can check pretty much outside any settlement. First Light’s main settlement has several herbs spots in the field that lead to Dayspring Mills. Meanwhile, there are fields surround the settlement in Monarch’s Bluffs, Windward, and Everlook. Simply find the tall purple and blue looking grass, and you can harvest till your heart’s content.

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