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New World dungeon list and guide

As with most MMORPG, you’re bound to stumble into a dungeon filled to the brim with overpowered monsters and irresistible loot. So, of course you should expect nothing less from New World. At the time, there are six dungeons in-game. Each with a different difficulty level and environment.

In New World, playing can go on Expeditions. This is jus the name for the classic art of ‘dungeon crawling’. You can play the first of the Expeditions as soon as you hit level 25, after which the various dungeons and expeditions will have a higher difficulty. Some of which will absolutely shred you if you’re not at least level 60.

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Expeditions aren’t as easy as just running into a cave, beating everything up with your sword, grab the loot and leave. Expeditions require strategy and teamwork to successfully complete. Usually, expeditions are made up of five. A healer, a tank and three damage dealers.

As of now, there are six dungeons. The levels of the dungeons are recommendations, you can try to go for a tougher one, or you can help your lower levelled pals in the less difficult ones.

New World dungeons

Here are the dungeons currently available for expeditions in-game. There’s set to be more dungeons after release, but those have yet to come.

  • The Amrhein excavation (recommended for level 25)
  • The Destroyed Obelisk (Recommended for Level 35)
  • The Depths (Recommended for Level 45)
  • The Dynasty Shipyard (Recommended for level 55)
  • The Lazarus instrument set (recommended for level 60)
  • The Garden of Origin (Recommended for level 60)

The Amrhein excavation

The dungeon lets you solve puzzles, kill monsters and fight bosses. A good first step into New World’s Expeditions.

  • Minimum level: 25
  • Adversary Types : Lost and Ancestral Guardians
  • Location : In the northern part of “Windsward”

This dungeons has several normal opponents and two bosses. There are a few puzzles too, to get players used to the puzzle-solving aspect of expeditions.

The Destroyed Obelisk 

This dungeon not only challenges your sword arm, but also your brain cells. Because if you mess with the lasers of the obelisk, you are dead instantly.

  • Minimum level: 35
  • Enemy types: skeletons and ancestral guards
  • Location: In the “Everfall” area

This expedition is based on Greek mythology and features two bosses with the same theme. Be careful of the light barriers and lasers as they will instantly kill you.

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The Depths

Before you go into the dungeon, you should talk to the alligator named Nekumanesh outside. He gives you a quest that you can complete within the dungeon.

  • Minimum level: 45
  • Opponent Types: Corrupted
  • Location: In the area of the “Restless Shores”

In this dungeon, you’ll be faced with overcrowded camps, sodden tunnels and rotten hallways as you fight through waves of monsters. Two bosses will be waiting for you in this dungeon.

Dynasty Shipyard

As the name suggests, the shipyard sends you into an Asian-inspired setting and waits for you with a total of nine bosses.

  • Minimum level: 55
  • Opponent Types: Dynasty and Corrupt
  • Location: To the west of “Brightwood”, north of the “Monarch’s Bluffs”

 In the Asian temple you fight against all kinds of opponents and a total of 9 different bosses. Two of these are defined as main bosses and seven as mini bosses.

Lazarus instruments

The first max-level dungeon ends up in the Lazarus instrument set. We have already played it and come to the conclusion: failure can be so fun.

  • Minimum level: 60
  • Enemy types: skeletons
  • Location: In “Reekwater”, north of the settlement

A tough dungeon with even tougher enemeis. Puzzles will test you and punish you for wrong answers, sending more waves of hardy skeletons your way.

Garden of Origin

The Garden of Origin leads you into an enchanted area that is reminiscent of a kind of temple that was recaptured by nature.

  • Minimum level: 60
  • Opponent Types: Primitive
  • Location: In “Edengrove” between “Valor Hold” and “Mountrainrise”

This dungeon has several mini-bosses and elite opponents that make the game tough. There are more tricky puzzles to solve and enemies that will explode when they die. So be sure to be careful and probably stay ranged.

As time passes, there will be more dungeons added to the game. For the time being, these are the current ones.

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