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New World Best Weapon Combos

New World is a game allowing you to make your playstyle based on several weapons. Because of this, you can essentially make your own class. However, some weapons flatter each other incredibly well. Here are the best New World weapon combos that you should play.

New World best weapon combos

Weapon Combos List examples

  • Life Staff + Ice Gauntlet
  • Life Staff + DPS
  • Sword and Shield + Warhammer
  • Sword and Shield + Great Axe
  • Rapier + Hatchet
  • Rapier + Spear
  • Rapier + Musket
  • Fire Staff + Ice Gauntlet
  • Fire Staff + Rapier

New World Life Staff

For the most part, the Life Staff is one of the best weapons to include in a New World best weapon combo list. The reason why is because the Life Staff is the only dedicated healing weapon in the game. It makes it great for forming parties to go and complete Expeditions, and it makes you rather efficient at leveling.

If you’re looking to play a dedicated healer build, the Life Staff’s nest new world weapon combo is the Ice Gauntlet. The Ice Gauntlet has various mana regen tools, CC effects and an Entomb skill that grants mana regen and makes you invulnerable while the effect lasts. So much so, this is arguably the best New World healer build.

New World Melee combos

If you like building Strength-focused attributes builds, then the Warhammer, Great Axe and Shield are your obvious choices. The great thing about the Shield is that it makes you a great tank for expeditions. It makes you a rather efficient leveler, while able to effectively tank. Meanwhile, your Warhammer and Great Axe both have a powerful single target damage output and AOE tools, along with consistent CC effects. The choice is entirely yours and what you prefer.

Alternatively, Strength is also scaled with items like the Hatchet and Spear. The Hatchet is a very good weapon in both PvE and PvP, due to its self-healing and reckless assaults. You can opt for a hatchet, along with any other Strength or Dexterity focused weapon if you want to build the best melee DPS build in New World. Or take a life staff and be completely unkillable.

New World Ranged weapon combos

New World ranged combos
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New World Bow and Musket

If you prefer the Bow or Musket, then you can take either weapon, along with something like the Spear, Hatcher or Rapier. The Bow has some great cleave and single target damage boost. If you prefer the Musket, you can use the Sniper stance, which makes you do some incredible damage., which clocks you down into a sniper stance. 

You’re best supporting yourself with one of the other Dexterity melee weapons for that close range damage when you need it. Weapons like the Spear can AOE stun targets with the Leg Sweep, while it can launch yourself to new positions with the Spear Leap, or launch enemies away from you through the Javelin skill.

New World Fire Staff

So far, the best New World weapon combos for ranged players is to play Intellect focused builds. The Fire Staff grants so much critical strike and critical strike damage that you can perform some amazon bursts onto your opponents in PvE and PvP. You’re best off taking the Ice Gauntlet if you want to play a full magic build. The Ice Gauntlet grans the Entomb skill for some survivability, along with CC that supports a full Fire Staff damage focus build. 

However, you can go Rapier for some PvP outplay potential with Riposte. Furthermore, the Rapier scaled with Intellect, so it works for a hybrid battle mage build if you want that style. You can then take 50 points into Dexterity for the 5% bonus crit to even further enhance your crit build.

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Have you got a favourite New World weapon combo? Let us know in the comments!

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