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New World Berserker Build – How to play the Hatchet Build

One of the most popular weapons in New World is the Hatchet. The weapon is easily one of the strongest weapons in the game, largely down to its increased light attack, unstoppable upgrades, and cheat death. Not to mention the Hatchet build is incredibly efficient for levelling, as you can get a movement speed increase too. If you’re interested in the New World Berserker build, here is how it works.

New World Berserker Build

New Word Berserker Build
Here is the skill tree we recommend for the Berserker build. Image via NewWorldData.

The core of the New World Berserker build has you looking at the Berserker skill tree. The best skills you want from the tree are the Berserk skill, along with all of its upgrades. In addition, you want to take Feral Charge and its upgrades for the gap closing skill. After that, you want to take the passives:

  • Accumulated Power – After three successful light attacks against the same target, gain emperor, granting 30% damage increase over three seconds or until the next attack.
  • Enraged Strikes – If the target is below 30% health, your light and heavy attacks deal 20% more damage.
  • Relentless Fury – After a successful heavy attack, gain Empower, granting 30% damage increase for three seconds or four attacks.
  • Fortifying Strikes – Hitting the same target with three light attacks grant Fortify, increasing damage absorption by 15% for three seconds.

How you append the next set of pints is entirely up to you. We recommend moving into the Throwing tree and grabbing the Rending Throw skill, making sure the enemy takes increased damage taken by 10% for four seconds. Moreso, you want the Boot and Rally passive, which grants Light attacks regenerate 20.0 stamina when hitting targets affected by an active debuff. Which you get from Rending Throw and the immobilize from your Feral Charge.

The best New World Gem for the Hatchet

The best gem for the Hatchettchethet is the Emerald Gem, as it increases your damage against targets with less than 30$ HP. It is great because it scales with your empower skills and the Enraged Strikes passive. We highly recommend it because it is easily the best coefficient of any gem in the game for this build.

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New World Berserker Build second weapon

As for your second weapon, you have quite a few choices. The first is to go the solo player with the Life Staff build. The idea behind the build is to be completely unkillable. We have a more in-depth guide on that here.

However, it doesn’t particularly seem very Berserker build. Instead, we recommend taking a Great Axe. The Hatchet and Great Axe scale with Strength made it easy to grab gear around this build. As for the Great Axe Skills, you want to grab yourself Reap, Whirlwind and Gravity Well. The Reap skill pulls enemies closer, making it easier for you to get enemies back in the mele range of your hatchet if they try to run away. Gravity is another good skill if they get too far away from you, as you can throw your Great Axe at the area and pull them to it, which is another nice way of getting added CC on an almost CCless main weapon. Lastly, you want Whirlwind, as the Berserker build is all about single target damage.

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