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New Minecraft mob vote – The Allay

During Minecraft Live on October 16th, 2021, Mojang will ask us to vote for the next mob to join Minecraft. This week, we’ll be introduced to the mobs that are up for the vote, with the Glare announced first on October 11th.

On October 12th, Mojang released another mob vote introduction video, this one showing Tiny Jens meeting the Allay. While the Glare has a tremendous amount of use in game, the Allay is certainly a worthy contender. I’m already truly torn, and we’re only two mobs in…

What is the Allay in Minecraft?

The Allay might be even cuter than the Glare, if that’s even possible. A small, blue, flying creature, somewhat reminiscent of a friendly vex, the Allay is a helpful gatherer of items. If you give an allay one of an item, it will fly off, returning with more of the same item. Super useful!

As well as this, the Allay finally gives another use to the noteblock. The noteblock is currently a relatively useless block unless you are a total redstone whizz (which I am, sadly, most certainly not). If the Alay is brought into Minecraft, it will be given an additional use to intricate doorbells, as Allays will return to a noteblock to deliver their haul. And they’ll do a cute little dance, too, which is clearly the most important part.

Why should you vote for the Allay?

minecraft mob vote 2021 allay

You mean, aside from the fact that it dances? Obviously, the main use of the Allay is the collection of items, which could have real time-saving implications in game. We’re not yet sure the extent of it’s gathering capabilities, though, i.e. can you just keep giving it diamonds? Though I’m assuming it can’t hold a pickaxe, Mojang’s official blog post about the Allay states that it can return with mined blocks, so the potential is there! That would be pretty game-breaking, though, wouldn’t it? So there’s probably a reasonable limit on what the Allay can collect. However, it could still come it super handy when you’re in desperate need of yummy snacks or decorative blocks for your latest crazy build.

And don’t forget… it dances.

Minecraft mob vote 2021 – Other choices

The Glare

minecraft mob vote the glare

The Glare was the first mob announced for the 2021 Minecraft mob vote. Another friendly and useful mob, the Glare will float to area of light level 0 and below, in other words where hostile mobs can spawn. This will be super useful to warn you of dangers down in the Deep Dark.

What else?

Though only two mobs for the Minecraft Live mob vote have been announced so far, we can see a trend forming already. These are, really, the first helpful, almost NPC-like Minecraft mobs that you can interact with in this way. The only other current mobs that are similar would be villagers and the wandering trader, but they are just used for the trading of goods and are pretty passive in their interactions. These new creatures are more a part of your survival journey, that you can make friends with and take with you on your travels. Therefore, we can probably assume that the next mob will also be similar to the Allay and Glare in this way. Another cute, smol mob that will in some way enhance our survival in the Minecraft Overworld.

Minecraft mob vote – How to vote for the Allay

The Minecraft Live 2021 mob vote will take place during Minecraft Live 2021 on October 16. During the event, there will be multiple voting stages, with one contender being eliminated at each round. You’ll need to watch the event in full, or just keep a real close eye on the official Minecraft Twitter account, in order to cast your vote.

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