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Mango Power launches expanded portfolio at EES Europe Restart 2021

After capturing many eyeballs earlier in the year with the launch of its unique home-and-portable battery system, Mango Power attends EES Europe Restart 2021, making a new splash by showcasing even more additions to its portfolio. The clean energy brand further challenges established market players by launching 2 new products in addition to its existing Mango Power Union: Mango Home mBattery, and Mango Home mInverter, adding value to an already world-class portfolio of home battery systems. The company also announced its readiness to discuss orders with distributors and sales partners in Europe, North America and Asia.

Mango Power Union – the ultimate breakthrough in power storage with a 2-in-1, extendable solution

Mango Power Union, is the world’s first integrated portable and home battery system designed to meet users’ power needs whether inside or outside the home. The Mango Power Union can be used as a backup home power supply and as storage for the green energy a house generates. The Union’s detachable module, the Power Move, is a  grab-and-go battery that gives users more than enough energy for any outdoor adventure. The system’s advanced settings feature enables full customization so users can tailor it to their needs, whatever they are.

The station itself has a maximum battery capacity of 6.9 KWh, power output of 4.0 KW, and is expandable to up to 10 packs in parallel for a whopping 69 kWh and 40 kW output

while the detachable module is rated for 6,000+ charging cycles. That means savings on home electricity bills along with the power to take power with you wherever you go. More detailed specifications and exciting reveals can be found on and will be released further with the official Indiegogo launch later in the year. 

This combination of portability, heavy-duty power delivery, and ease of use make the Mango Power Union significantly different from any other modular portable power station currently on the market. When the family is out of power, you can use the main module alone or attach the power move to bring 4,000W/6,900WH emergency power to the family, enabling devices such as refrigerators, kitchens, heating or aircons to work as usual.

Mango Power Move – Portable, powerful, and versatile option that stands on its own

Power Move – the detachable and more portable module – is presented at EES as a separate option that will likely have an option to be purchased individually through a separate Indiegogo campaign, with more details coming soon on It is a 2.3 kWh battery with 2 kW of continuous output capability. It has 15x output ports and supports 1500W MPPT solar input / 1100W wall outlet charging. Just like the Power Union, Power Move uses high class EV Polymer NCM Battery Cells that have 38% greater energy density, and are capable of operating in a broader range of temperatures than traditional LFP cells.  

Mango Power Move is designed to be carried wherever you might want power, becoming a perfect portable option for places where there’s no grid and portable energy is required. Be it road trips, camping outings, or ADUs. It can charge by either portable solar panels or by roof systems.

Mango Power mBattery – Efficient and Powerful

The Mango Power mBattery is designed for PV self-consumption, backup power, load shifting, and off-grid solutions for household applications. With the modularized 5 kWh LFP battery, users can supply backup energy for the emergency appliances, but with 10 kWh or 15 kWh, it’s quite easier to power the whole house, or just part of it. It has a 6,000 cycle life and stacks up to 96kWh.

Mango Power mInverter – Efficient and Powerful

The Power Home mInverter is a 4.6K/5K hybrid tool that reduces reliance on grid thanks to its 8,000W 2X MPPT Input, 5,000W AC Output and 97.5% efficiency. When the Mango Power mInverter is coupled with the Mango Power mBattery, users reduce their carbon footprint even further, save even more on energy bills and better prepare their homes for power outages.

App control – A smart way of optimizing resources & tracking your environmental footprint

One aspect that makes Mango Power Union stand out from the competition is the rich amount of power data you can track with their app. Available for iOS and Android, you can track:

  • Available power
  • Charging rate
  • Temperature
  • Charging mode

Apart from that, the application has a series of social functions, such as a leaderboard sharing function that will allow you to compare how sustainable you are compared to other users of the app. It can also enable consumers to control the power station remotely in a fast manner. By selecting different modes in the Customize section of your Mango Power App, users can change how the device is charged and discharged and meet the different needs in different situation.

The app is also able to give you environmental data that allows you to track your environmental impact footprint. It displays the conversion of solar energy in KWh, Carbon emissions expressed in tons and tree planting equivalents thanks to the partnership of Mango Power Union with One Tree Planted. The app also estimates how much you’re saving by utilizing solar power, if you choose to do so, in comparison to just using the grid. 

About Mango Power

Mango Power is a green energy brand focused on developing home power supply solutions, portable power devices and related accessories. Mango Power’s mission is to bring smart green energy products into every home, and help every family realize a zero carbon emission future. The Mango Power Union, its first product, is the world’s first  battery system to integrate both home and portable power solutions. Its iconic look and all-in-one detachable design are expected to make a successful launch in late 2021 through Indigogo. More information here or visiting

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