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Welcome-Welcome! This is my first post of Liz Marie’s Weekly Favorites. A curated list of items that you the readers loved this past week, all from this cozy little blog of mine. The mission statement for my blog has always been to inspire design through projects here within my home as well as sharing trends and products I am currently loving. I always shared these in stories on Instagram, but I wanted them to have a more permanent space, so now they will live on the blog so you don’t feel pressured to show up on socials if you don’t feel like it. From the large list, I wanted to take a moment to share my weekly favorites selected by you and your fellow Liz Marie Blog readers. This week its all bout a Large Terrarium, Women’s Strap Sandals,  a Fresh Market Bag, A Trestle Dining Table, my small Jute Rug, a Pearl Monogram Bracelet, and a Market Tote Handbag. As I love inspiring you, let’s team up and hopefully inspire others with all of our favorite products over the week.

Large Terrarium Wardian Case is definitely inspired my recent antique treasure from California. Hopefully you’ll have a much easier time getting it delivered to you home. These Terrariums have a space for everyone and every style.

Women’s Nadine Skinny Strap Sandals have been my favorite sandal so far this year. I love the simple skinny strap and for 20 bucks from Target, you really cannot beat it.

French Market Bag should go without saying, but I love my market bags. This one catches my eye even hanging in my own mudroom. It maybe one of my favorite market bags I have every owned.

Katharine Mango Solid Wood Trestle Dining Table looks just like our little greenhouse bench we DIY’d to make it look old and lighter. I love this style and the wood color on this piece will fit any style.

3′ x 5′ Jute Accent Rug by Liz Marie sounds a little bias.. well maybe it is. But I think this jute rug is one of the best options out there. I love how casual & unique it is with the stripe & the fringe. A great addition to any space. More sizes are coming!

Pearl Monogram Bracelet is my favorite Mother’s Day gift! You can get it engraved to make it extra special and personal. I’m so thankful for this gift from my boys & I love being able to look at my wrist through out the day and think of them. Jose had it engraved with Cope’s initials so it is extra special.

Market Tote Handbag is a great all purpose bag. I have used it as a pool bag already this year, a quick grab bag for Copey snacks and even filled with a laptop and notebook for meetings on the run. I cannot tell you how much I a loving this tote right now!

I hope you liked this week of Liz Marie’s Weekly Favorites. Find me on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok and let me know what you think of this mini-series we are starting. Thank you for stopping by the blog today and every other day, it truly means the world to us.


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