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KYY Portable Monitor review

Thanks to the pandemic, a lot of us have had to adapt how we work and manage school work. Some of have transitioned to a home office while others are spending time on the go.

For those of us who were accustomed to a desktop office, one of the hardest things to deal with is going back to a single screen. Laptops or home PCs with one monitor can be a nuisance. It’s hard to replicate multi-monitor setups, especially if space is a concern.

The KYY Portable Monitor is here to ensure that you can add on a second screen without much hassle. Moreover, it won’t take a big bite out of your wallet, either. It’s a quick plug and play option that can handle almost any input you can throw at it.

The KYY Monitor is a sturdy 15.6 inch HD display with a host of inputs for all of you mobile computing needs. It includes a magnetic dust cover and screen protector along with an AC power cord and multiple connection cables for all of its different input types.


  • Full 1080P FHD HDR IPS Diplay
  • USB-C powered with optional AC power plug
  • Multi input usage with 2 USB-C ports and 1 Mini-HDMI port
  • Ultra thin 0.3 inch profile that ways just 1.7lbs for easy storage and carrying


It’s very easy to get this monitor connected and going. I was able to use as it as a second monitor on my laptop as well as a display for my Nintendo Switch connected to the dock. Thanks to its versatility and portability, it’s equal parts work and play.

The USB-C power works great when connected to the laptop. The build quality is good and for the size and thickness of the display it doesn’t feel fragile. I don’t have any worry throwing it in my bag, especially with the smart cover protecting the screen. Indeed, it goes everywhere my laptop goes, even if I don’t need it in the moment.

In use the color and brightness is good but the depth of the colors isn’t quite as rich as other portable monitors we’ve reviewed. While the KYY offers a wide 178 degree viewing window I did notice it can sometimes feel washed out at steeper angles.

We appreciate its flexibility and multiple inputs and for the fact that it also has its own speakers. They’re not the loudest or clearest you’ll come across but they’re not bad in a pinch.

The KYY monitor has a pair of USB Type-C ports and a Mini-HDMI port which makes it compatible with a whole range of devices. The top USB C port is for power which can come from any USB 3.1 port such as one on your laptop or wall charger.

The second USB port is is compatible with any device that uses USB Type-C video, including your recent smartphones. For older handsets, you’ll just need to locate a microUSB-to-Type-C cable.

The KYY Portable Monitor can be used to extend your laptop or Chromebook screen, giving you more windows and tabs to open or communication tools to run at one time. It can also be used to duplicate the screen which could be handy for people who may spend a lot of time turning a laptop back and forth to show off spreadsheets or reports.

Where to Buy

The KYY Portable Monitor can be purchased from Amazon for $179.99.

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