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It’s time for Paradox to announce Europa Universalis 5

The creator of sweeping strategy titles Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, Stellaris and Hearts of Iron, has announced the cancellation of a number of unrevealed projects so it can focus on “proven game niches”. This means we can expect more DLC and console ports for the most recent titles, and sequels for them all until the end of time. However, the Paradox game that’s most overdue right now is Europa Universalis V.

Despite the continued success of its ongoing grand strategy franchises, Paradox has had to endure poor receptions for Empire of Sin and some of the more recent DLC packs. The refocusing announcement means that we can expect more of what we know and love: Victoria 3, which has been announced, but very likely a Stellaris 2, and inevitable +1s to Hearts of Iron and Crusader Kings every six years or so.

Europa Universalis 5 announcement, release date?

Six years separated EU2 from EU3, with another six passing before Europa Universalis IV was released in 2013. It’s now been over eight years since the last EU title was released, and with the last EU4 DLC, Leviathan, being among the very worst-rated titles on Steam (at least until eFootball came out this week), it’s clear the series needs to turn a new chapter.

Soon Paradox will announce the dates and venue for it’s annual PDXCon, which in 2021 was held online and from where Victoria 3 was announced. As well as seeing more of that title at PDXCon 2022, we can expect for Europa Universalis V to be revealed in some form, likely for release in 2023. Being the publisher’s flagship game, Paradox will want to take its time on Europa Universalis 5 to get things right after Leviathan, using Victoria 3 as a testbest for the future release.

This week Europa Universalis IV was handed out free on the Epic Game Store, which suggests that Paradox are keen to get more people into the series and sell more DLC before the EU5 is teased. Unless we’re being overly cynical? We’ll know more about Paradox’s motives in the fullness of time.

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