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It’s Pretty Great! HoldFast Gear Explorer Quiver Lens Bag Review

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The HoldFast Gear Explorer Quiver bag was created to meet the high demands of weddings, sports, and events photography. The design takes inspiration from an arrow quiver that provides an archer unlimited access to their arrows. Lightweight and versatile, it provides easy access to your equipment. The bag can be worn cross-body, attached to a Money Maker dual camera harness. Alternatively, it’s a functional waist pack with an add-on purchase of a belt. It is also comfortable enough for those long photoshoots and stylish enough to double as an everyday bag.

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The HoldFast Gear Explorer Quiver bag is lightweight and versatile, making it an ideal choice for lenses and accessories. It is an attractive bag designed without flaps and has strategic pocket placement to keep accessories secure and accessible. The bag is versatile and can be worn in various ways to match your shooting style. It is also comfortable enough to double as an everyday bag.

Pros and Cons of the HoldFast Gear Explorer Quiver Lens Bag


  • It can be worn multiple ways
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • It doesn’t look like a camera bag
  • Designed to fit a variety of needs for photographers
  • It can be used as an everyday bag


  • Lighter colored canvas shows wear and dirt easily
  • The bag isn’t waterproof
  • It sits low on the backside of shorter bodies when attached to the Money Maker harness 

Gear Used

We tested the HoldFast Gear Quiver bag with the shoulder strap and skinny Money Maker harness with the following gear:

Tech Specs

All technical specifications are from the HoldFast Gear website.

  • The HoldFast Quiver bag comes with a shoulder strap, a leather handle, and 2x Quick Detachable Sliders for attaching to your Money Maker.
  • Weight: 1 lb 3 ounces
  • Measures 14” wide x 9-½” tall x 4” deep
  • Materials: 18 oz twill waxed canvas with leather accents
  • Available in a variety of color and leather combinations
  • Price: $260-$275


The HoldFast Quiver is well thought out with versatility and accessibility in mind. It has nine strategically placed pockets, a designated cell phone pocket, and three D rings for your keys or glasses. The bag is a great choice as a standalone accessory as well as attached to a Money Maker harness.

The HoldFast Gear Quiver bag is available in a variety of color options to complement the existing HoldFast Gear products. Additionally, the bag can also be worn as a waist pack with the addition of a belt which is sold separately.


The HoldFast Quiver bag has an unassuming aesthetic that does not scream that it’s a camera bag. I received the bag in waxed olive with water buffalo tan leather accents to review. It is made of twill canvas, leather, and metal accents.

The bag provides a lot of organization and ensures that you keep your belongings safe. It has an adjustable leather strap with three D rings to secure keys, glasses, and other small items.

Two large pouches are located on the front of the bag and will accommodate most lenses with lens hoods. It can also fit a water bottle, coffee thermos, and smaller cameras like the Leica M10-r. A large pocket sits below with a clasp to fit a wallet, instant film, speed lights, and other personal items. The clasp can be secured for a tighter fit and dons another D ring.

A zippered pocket adorned with a HoldFast Gear leather decal is located at the bottom right of the bag. There are three smaller pockets, two of which have velcro on the left side of this pocket. These pockets are meant for smaller items such as memory cards, chapstick, batteries, and other personal items.

The bag has a sizeable zippered center pocket for oversized items such as an extra notebook or sweater. I opted to transport camera bodies when I was not shooting because they are hidden and secure. It easily accommodates a smaller camera such as a Leica M10-r with a lens attached. Conversely, it will not zip up with larger cameras and lenses.

A designated cell phone pocket is located on the back of the bag, ensuring that it is accessible at all times. Last but not least, there is another zippered pocket for small items.

Build Quality

The HoldFast Gear Quiver bag is made of waxed canvas, water buffalo leather accents, and metal hardware. It’s durable and built to last. Consequently, the light hue of the olive waxed canvas does show dirt and wear. If this is a concern, you might opt for a darker color such as black, navy, or indigo denim. The wax coating does a decent job of preventing your gear from immediate ruin if you get caught in the rain, although the bag is not entirely waterproof. For the record, we got caught in the rain with this bag. The waxed canvas keeps all precipitation away from your gear to an extent. I’d still not really use this bag in the rain because there isn’t a top cover.

HoldFast Gear has made it its mission to create gear that is attractive, long-lasting, and is visually pleasing as it ages. This bag delivers on that aspect, dirt marks and all. The choice to use water buffalo and bridle leathers is not only beautiful, but it will also stand up to harsh environments.

Ease of Use

Comfortable. That is a word that I frequently use to describe this bag. The weight and bulk are a non-issue for those long shoots and the vegan leather strap comfortably wraps around your shoulder. The pockets are well designed for easy access, regardless of how it is worn. The bag was able to accommodate a Leica M10-r, Leica 75mm f2 APO ASPH lens, and Leica 50mm f2 APO ASPH lens. Plus, I shoved a battery charger, transceiver, notebook, wallet, water bottle, as well as personal items in the bag. We’re pretty confident this could hold a Fujifilm X series camera system or other mirrorless cameras.

I opted to wear the HoldFast Gear Explorer Quiver bag in the front with the skinny Money Maker harness because I am accident-prone. When I wore the bag as it was intended to be worn in the back, it sat a bit low for my shorter torso. You might struggle to reach your lens if you have a limited range of motion or if it was chest day at the gym.

Everything is right where you need it which makes switching gear a breeze. The addition of D rings throughout the layout of the bag and the strap is a nice feature.

I used the HoldFast Gear Quiver as an everyday bag when I wasn’t working. The leather handle fits easily in the bag clasp of my Vespa. I never worried about the integrity of the bag with my belongings.

Lastly, the HoldFast Gear Quiver bag rolls up into a light, compact size. It takes up very little space, making it an ideal choice to pack in your larger camera bag or suitcase.

Conclusions of the HoldFast Quiver Bag


  • I like how lightweight and comfortable it is
  • Camera gear is secure and easily accessible
  • It pairs well with a HoldFast Gear Money Maker harness for even more efficiency
  • The waxed coating helps prevent water damage
  • You can wear it in several different fashions
  • The bag can double as an everyday cross-body bag
  • It doesn’t look like a camera bag


  • The lighter color shows dirt and wear 
  • It isn’t waterproof
  • The Quiver sits a bit low for shorter torsos when attached to the Money Maker harness

HoldFast has clearly put a lot of thought into the research and development of this bag. It is durable and feels as though it is built to withstand the demands that it was meant to endure. Although the waxed canvas does show wear, it is only a cosmetic concern.

The HoldFast Gear Quiver bag is compact and a great option for an everyday bag. It is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear for long shoots regardless of how it is worn. Furthermore, every pocket, pouch, and D ring is well thought out and strategically located.

This lens bag is a great addition to your existing HoldFast Gear lineup as well as a standalone everyday bag. It has an attractive design and is available in various colors to meet your personal preference. We give the HoldFast Gear Quiver bag four out of five stars.

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