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InvisibleShield screen protectors for Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3: Keep your cover display free of scratches

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, see our full review, is my new daily driver and I continue to find ways to optimize my productivity with this fantastic device. Thanks to Samsung’s generous trade-in pre-order deals, I also ordered my own Galaxy Z Flip 3, see our review, and plan to install one of these on that device too.

ZAGG has InvisibleShield protectors for several models of mobile tech, including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and Nintendo Switch gaming devices. I also just ordered a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, stay tuned for our full review, and plan to add one of the available protectors onto that watch face when it arrives.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have used these new phones with both protectors and have enjoyed worry-free interaction with the displays. My fingers glide across the displays, there are no scratches on the protectors, and clarity is not impacted at all.

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Ultra Clear for Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung includes a high-quality screen protector that is nearly invisible since it is so well incorporated into the large main display experience. I am not removing this main display protector and recommend you leave it in place. Samsung offers a service to replace that protector in case it fails, but I’ve yet to see any problems with it on past Fold devices.


On the other hand, the included cover display screen protector is an extremely thin piece of flimsy, crinkly plastic so I couldn’t wait to replace it with something more durable and protective. On my Z Fold 2 this cover display protector scratched up within weeks and it looked terrible so I expect the same with the Z Fold 3.

The ZAGG InvisibleShield Ultra Clear with D3O is available now for $39.99. It is designed to provide shatter protection and scratch resistance while also offering an anti-microbial treatment to the cover display. The D3O technology is designed to disperse energy impacts on the display with the smart molecules acting to self-heal minor scratches and dings.


After removing the terrible Samsung protector, I inserted the Z Fold 3 into the alignment tray and then thoroughly cleaned off the cover display. The alignment tray has studs on each end of the tray that are sized differently with different spacing so you can quickly and easily make sure you position the screen protector properly over the four studs with the four alignment openings on the protector.

Like other InvisibleShield protectors, make sure to watch the video or read the installation guide if you have not applied these before because there are a few key steps to get it right. There is an alignment and dust removal step, followed by removing the protector from the middle and working towards the end with a unique sliding removal/installation process for each end. After that you take off the top layer and then smooth it all out. I’ve installed many of these so was able to install it flawlessly with no bubbles and a perfect fit.

I did not realize how substandard the default protector was until I installed this InvisibleShield protector. There is now a much smoother feel to the cover display as my finger slides effortlessly across the high-gloss finish. The display seems to be more touch sensitive than before too, even with a thicker protector now in place. I look forward to months of use with this protector. If you pick one up, make sure to register it since ZAGG offers a limited lifetime warranty in case it gets worn or damaged.

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Ultra Clear for Galaxy Z Flip 3

One of the best improvements on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the much larger cover display. It is a very usable display with notifications, widgets, and camera controls all available without ever opening up the phone. I’ve spent a lot of time using the phone with it closed and find the new cover display essential to the Z Flip 3 experience.


Unlike the Z Fold 3, Samsung does not include a protector on the cover display of the Z Flip 3. It’s a small display, but it’s always exposed and with the compact form of the device you are likely to toss it into your front pocket where there could be coins, keys, or other objects that might scratch it. ZAGG offers the InvisibleShield Ultra Clear with D3O for this display for $39.99.

The price seems high for the size of the screen protector and since people aren’t watching videos or spending that much time viewing objects on the display then there may not be a strong desire to keep it free from wear and tear. ZAGG provides all of the same D3O technology and features that are found on the Z Fold 3 cover display protector, including the anti-microbial treatment and self-healing technology.

Installation of the cover display protector was simply with the black plastic alignment tray and EZ Apply installation process. The screen protector has two openings for the dual cameras and is also case friendly so it works well with cases you install on your Z Flip 3.

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