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How to get Chorizo in Far Cry 6

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It’s official, one of the best additions to Far Cry 6 are the amigos and you can’t change my mind about it. Whenever I play any game, all I want to do if pick up a little dog and that’s it. 10/10.


Perhaps Far Cry 6 will be awarded game of the year thanks to its absolutely wonderful good boy, Chorizo. A miniature daschund, Chorizo is a disabled pup, but that doesn’t stop him. He’s got wheels and will be riding up in Yara. But Chorizo isn’t all that easy to get, he’s a dog of values. And those values can be bought with some crocodile meat.

How to recruit Chorizo

To get Chorizo, you’ll need to go and meet the Montero family in Costa Del Mar. Here you’ll feast your eyes upon the sausage dog, and you’ll be able to activate the ‘Who’s a good boy?’ quest. Once you’ve accepted it, you’ll need to find yourself a Yaran Crocodile (you cannot use Guapo for this, nor should you!). There’s a nearby crocodile hunting spot to the south of the Montero family camp.

After killing and getting some crocodile meat, you’ll be able to return to Chorizo and give him a feast. After that, the little pup will want you to follow him around the camp, and once his tour is finished, he’ll be your new best friend and amigo.

The Amigos

Chorizo is only one of the amazing cast of amigos. Crocodile, dog, rooster, jaguar, cat or an actual terminator dog. All of these amigos have their own special abilities that’ll lend to any player’s playstyle. Whether it’s stealth or all-out brutality. Everyone’s going to find an amigo they’ll love.

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