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How To DIY Paint Your Wooden Dining Chairs Multi Color

 Has your dining table started looking dull? Have your dining seats started
showing the effects of time? No need to fret, you can easily refresh them and
make them good as new. Read ahead for a step-by-step tutorial on how to do so.

Mismatched furniture is a new trend that is the talk of the
interior markets. It is not just the latest of interior fashion ideas but it
also highlights a lively and bright personality, adding character to the
surrounding items.

Here’s an idea you can try this summer break that will not just
save a trip to the market but will also save you money in buying new dining chairs. 

The first step is to clean the
chairs from the top to the bottom. Remember to make sure there is no dust or
dirt as it can prevent the paint from properly sticking and also hinder a
smooth coat. Use a damp rag to clean the Wooden Dining Chair frame. You can use a gentle detergent
to wash old dirt off, like dishwashing soap.

After the chairs are cleaned,
examine if the chair has any small nicks or cracks on its surface. Gently sand
the area with sandpaper till you can run your finger on the smooth surface.
Wipe away any dust at the end.

Paint a coat of primer on the seat frame;
this will smooth out the surface. Use a brush to reach all the nooks and crannies.
Once you are done and the primer is set, see if the surface is smooth. If it
isn’t then you need to apply another coat of primer till the surface is smooth.

This can also be done on a fabric dining chair with fabric cushions seats.
Just remove the cushion seat at the start.

Choose a paint that is durable and
that can withstand the cleaning and scrubbing later. For this particular DIY
you can buy small cans of paints. Go for different bright colors from mustard
to blue and pinks. 

Use a high-quality angled brush,
with which you can easily paint the dining chair. Start in a back and forth stroke for even coats of
paints. When you are done with the first layer, let the paint sit and dry.
Afterward, apply another coat of paint on the wooden chair frame.

The dining seats come in many materials from fabric to Leather Dining Chair, leather is definitely more expensive and more durable but for a light budget, fabric dining chairs are
great practical options to experiment with for your dining area.

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And once their paint starts looking dull or shows cracks, you can
choose another palette and start painting your chairs once again! The choice of
hues should also complement and contrast the surrounding furniture. 

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