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How long is the Battlefield 2042 beta – BF 2042 open beta end time

The Battlefield 2042 launch is still a matter of weeks away but we have been treated to a trial over the last few days, with early backers and EA Play subscribers getting early access to the BF 2042 beta. The beta is now in open access, giving everyone who has a console or PC the chance to test out the new FPS title but when does the beta end? How long is the Battlefield 2042 beta on for?

We are going to run through the start and end times for both the closed and open access beta, so you don’t miss a minute of action.

How long is the Battlefield 2042 beta – BF2042 beta end time

The entire BF 2042 beta is to be played over four days, from the 6th of October until the 9th of October.

The open-access Battlefield 2042 beta began this morning (8th of October)

  • October 6th: Early Access Beta starts at 12 am PT / 3 am ET / 9 am CEST
  • October 8th: Open Beta starts at 12 am PT / 3 am ET / 9 am CEST
  • October 10th: Beta ends at 12 am PT / 3 am ET / 9 am CEST

The Battlefield 2042 servers will close down at 7 am UTC, meaning a solid 48 hours for the open-access players and 96 hours of action for the early backers/ EA Play subscribers.

BF 2042 open access beta details

Battlefield 2042 is set in the near future, albeit a bleak future of climate change, war, and strife. This sets the stage for some epic map destruction, something we get a taste of in the beta.

battlefield 2042 chopper ride

Battlefield 2042 beta content

The beta takes plance in the Conquest game mode and features the large scale map – Orbital. For next gen console and PC players, you will be treated to 128 player servers (64 vs 64), while older gen consoles will be playing on 64 players servers (32 vs 32).

how to launch rocket battlefield 2042

Aside from the all out warfare, players can choose from four different specilists, each with thier own unique abilities and gear. There are ziplines in the game and even a tornado, plus you can unlock new costmetic items, weapons, and baddges during the beta.

You can sink your teeth in to vechiles on the land and in the air, immersing yourself into total comabt.

Known Battlefield 2042 bugs/issues

How to play the Battlefield 2042 open access beta

The BF 2042 beta is now available for all platforms. The open access beta will last for two days and all you need to do is head to your chosen platforms store page, search for the Battlefield 2042 beta, and install!

If you need to add friends on Battlefield 2042 beta, check out our guide here.

Battlefield 2042 beta file sizes

The file size is a fair size, however, not the biggest we have seen in recent years.

  • Origin – 18.81 GB
  • Steam – 19.01 GB
  • PS5 – 16.87 GB
  • PS4 – 10.6
  • Xbox One – 9.34 GB

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