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Hands-on with the Panasonic BS1H: Digital Photography Review

The Panasonic DC-BS1H is the company’s second box camera, joining the Micro Four Thirds BGH1 in the lineup. As its name implies, the BS1H is essentially a box camera version of Panasonic’s flagship full-frame video camera, the S1H. Unlike the S1H, the camera has no built-in screen, EVF, or grip; instead, it’s designed to be modular so that users can add or omit these features based on their needs.

Panasonic says the target audience for the BS1H includes professionals doing remote production, live streaming, and even cinema shooters looking for an alternative to a camera like the RED Komodo. In particular, Panasonic tells us the growth of remote production during COVID has driven a lot of demand for a higher-quality BGH1-styled product.

Let’s take a look at the BS1H in more detail to see how it compares to Panasonic’s other video options.

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