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Gordon Laing from CameraLabs gives his first reviews of the new Canon gear, including the EOS R3 | Canon Rumors

Sure, but one could just as easily say:
Sony A1: 9.44M dot EVF
Canon R3: 5.76 dot EVF

Sony A1: .9x magnification EVF
Canon R3: 0.76x magnification EVF

or even:
Sony A1: 240 FPS EVF
Canon R3: 120 FPS EVF

Personally, I use the EVF about 10x as much as the LCD. If given a choice, I would have preferred to see an improvement in the EVF over an improvement in the LCD as compared with my R5. I do thing the EVF on the R5 is already quite good, though extra magnification and a less pixelated look would have been nice.

Unless Sony addressed the weird lack of touch screen functionality on their rear LCD, I would think that that would be a bigger annoyance than the 1.4mpx display.

We all take photos a little differently. Personally I don’t think the LCD is a big differentiator here.

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