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Google will improve the display of news in search thanks to Twitter

According to Bloomberg, Google is trying to make its search platform a more popular place for users to check out the latest events and even live broadcasts. To do this, the company decided to leverage the power of Twitter.

In recent years, Google has brought an interactive carousel with headlines and illustrations to the top of the search results when searching for the latest events. And now, according to Bloomberg, company representatives have confirmed that work is underway to provide more relevant information and related functions on the most pressing topics, such as sports events, awards or natural disasters.

The Twitter platform has been the most successful in delivering up-to-date information to date; despite ongoing efforts by Google and Facebook in the same direction. The search giant acknowledged this a few years ago, and in 2015, the company entered into an agreement with Twitter that allowed relevant tweets to be displayed at the top of its search results. According to Information, Google is currently testing Big Moments’ ranking of the most important news events, although there are not many details about this initiative yet.

The search giant was forced to completely revise the format of search results with the onset of the pandemic; trying to make all the most relevant illustrations and authoritative sources most visible. The company then decided to extend this strategy to other news topics. Google and Twitter have not yet commented on the alleged collaboration.

Google has stopped supporting its search engine in the Internet Explorer browser

Microsoft has long since switched its attention from the archaic Internet Explorer browser to the much more modern and advanced Edge, especially after the latter was transferred to the Chromium engine. The next nail in the coffin of Internet Explorer will be that Google has stopped supporting its search service for this browser.

It’s worth remembering that the latest version of Internet Explorer was available in 2013 with Windows 8.1. Only in 2021 did Google decide to end support. Now only basic information will appear in the search. The service does not stop working with the browser completely; but the search user will only have access to the most basic functions.

According to Google programmer Malte Ubl, the company conducted an internal assessment; and conclude that the old browser is simply not worth the company’s resources to support it. For too stubborn retrogrades, there will be some opportunities to use, but new features will not be available.

Microsoft itself intends to completely end support for the browser on June 15, 2022; when the corresponding software will be removed from all user versions of Windows 10. For now, the OS has it as a solution for outdated websites; but with the appearance in Edge of the ability to automatically browse sites in IE mode; it is necessary in the old version; it actually disappeared completely.

Windows 11 will ship without Internet Explorer by default, only Microsoft Edge will be available. In addition, even now, using Internet Explorer to surf modern sites is not only inconvenient, but also simply unsafe.

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