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FilmConvert Profile for Canon EOS C500 Mark II Released

FilmConvert Profile for Canon EOS C500 Mark II Released

FilmConvert has just released a new camera pack for the Canon EOS C500 Mark II. This new profile is compatible with FilmConvert, FilmConvert Nitrate, and CineMatch, so you have a complete suite of tools to color correct, grade, and color match your footage.

FilmConvert continues to expand its color profile library with the addition of a new camera pack for the Canon EOS C500 Mark II, after the ones for the DJI Air 2S, Canon EOS C300 Mark III, Canon EOS R5/R6, and much more.

If you’re new to FilmConvert plugins, these color matching (CineMatch) and color correction (FilmConvert/FilmConvert Nitrate) tools allow you to grade your footage based on your camera’s sensor data. In short, they get you from RAW footage to great-looking footage very quickly, all based on the camera you shot with. In addition, FilmConvert tools are compatible with various NLEs, including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, and Resolve.

Image credit: Canon

FilmConvert profile for Canon EOS C500 Mark II

The Canon EOS C500 Mark II was first introduced back in September 2019 – yes, time flies – and the least we can say is that this little full-frame cinema camera is a beast! Indeed, my colleague Gunther had the opportunity to test the C500 Mark II in our lab. We were impressed by the results: no less than 13.1 stops of dynamic range, a rolling shutter of only 15.5ms, and some incredible underexposure capabilities.

Also, the Canon EOS C500 Mark II can shoot in 5.9K resolution at up to 60P and 2K at 120 frames per second in Cinema RAW Light internally. But, don’t forget that this modular and very compact camera can fit various shooting scenarios with different lens mounts and numerous extension units. So, you got it; even two years later, this camera is still impressive and a truly great job from Canon.

Canon C500 Mark II fully rigged up with the Extension Unit 2 and a Canon Sumire Prime in my hands © 2019 cinema5D

If the Canon EOS C500 Mark II is part of your camera kit, FilmConvert has just released a new camera profile to make your life easier. Indeed, this profile will allow you to precisely match the C500 Mark II to other cameras you might have – from Canon or any other mirrorless/cinema camera – as well as color grade your footage to get that famous “film look” and grain.

Price and availability

As always with FilmConvert, this camera profile is available to download for free, but you need to have licensed the software to use it, of course. Yet you can try FilmConvert Nitrate and CineMatch for free, and you can even get a 10% discount on purchases from FilmConvert using this link.

For more information and to download it, please visit FilmConvert’s website here.

What do you think about this new FilmConvert camera pack for the Canon EOS C500 Mark II? Is the C500 Mark II your main camera? Let us know in the comments below!

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