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Essential Entryway Shelf with Hooks

An good entryway or mudroom system is critical for an organized home.  You need to know where things are, where they belong, so you can come and go without searching for misplaced items, or wondering where to put things.  

Why This Set is Essential

There are many ways to organize an entryway – everything from built in cabinetry to eclectic solutions.  But this system – what I call our “Essential Entryway System” is one I keep coming back to. 

  • Because it works in small spaces, and in big spaces. 
  • Because it works in modern spaces, and farmhouse spaces. 
  • Because it works when you are renting or a homeowner – it is not a permanent fixture.
  • Because it works in front entryways and separate mudrooms.
  • Because it’s easy to modify in size.
  • Because it has the right storage for just about any climate and family situation. I use it and I live in Alaska with three kids.
  • This system – the wall organizer and matching bench – can work for almost everyone in almost any home.

diy pottery barn samantha entryway organizer set

Why Not a Built-In Mudroom?

For this space, I thought long and hard about adding a full built-in mudroom solution. You know I do love me some built-in mudroom cabinetry.

But ultimately decided against that, since a built-in system would close off and make the space feel smaller.  And since this is the main entryway (not a separate mudroom) I did not want it to feel like a back mudroom entrance. 

Entryway Shelf with Hooks Build Video

We took the time to create a video showing how this shelf was built.  But in the video, I did not like how the inside supports were added, so I updated this plan to a better method.


This plan is for just the wall shelf with hooks.  You can find the matching bench plans here.

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