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Ergorig CenterFit Introduced – Designed for Female Camera Operators

Ergorig CenterFit Introduced – Designed for Female Camera Operators

Cinema Devices has introduced the Ergorig CenterFit for female camera operators. This much needed addition to their back saving line of camera support products finally takes women and people with varying body types into account.

The Ergorig is a body support brace that transfers the weight of a shoulder mounted camera to the operator’s hips. This seemingly simple devices can make a world of difference in the lives of people who operate cameras professionally all day long throughout their career.

ErgoRig Original

We first covered the release of the Ergorig back at Cinegear 2019.

The side effects of this industry are very real. Camera operators who carry around large, heavy rigs long enough eventually develop lifelong shoulder, spine, and back issues.

By transferring the weight of the camera to the operator’s hips, the Ergorig eliminates spinal compression and operator fatigue while still allowing them to perform their tasks as usual.

Image credit: CineD

Ergorig is essentially a metal body harness that looks very similar to a standard steadicam vest. It is lightweight, built to last, and designed with your health in mind. It is used by operators on projects like Homeland, American Horror Story, and Avatar – just to name a few.

Ergorig CenterFit

Now with the addition of the Ergorig CenterFit, it is finally adjustable to all body types without compromising the results.

With CenterFit, Cinema Devices introduces a new center clavicle strut design for the Ergorig that comfortably fits a woman’s body. Two thumb screws allow the position of the strut to move left or right to accommodate everyone, and the results make for happier, healthier camera operators who can work longer and still enjoy a fulfilling career.

I want to commend Cinema Devices for evolving their design to work with different body types, including those of us curvy women. They not only listened, but were very committed to making vest options to fit anyone who may want one. They were very proactive in getting feedback and experimenting with different modular modifications.

After trying it out, it really WAS a game changer”

Jendra Jarnagin, The Family, The Good Fight

Pricing and Availability

The Ergorig CenterFit is available now for purchase directly from Cinema Devices’ website for $1,850. For those who already have the original version, you can upgrade your rig for just $195.

It is fantastic to see Cinema Devices taking the initiative to design a system that works for everyone.

What do you think of Cinema Devices’ Ergorig? Let us know in the comments below.

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