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Episode #112: Autumn Bucket List

With this week being the official first week of autumn, this episode is all about our autumn bucket lists. We’re sharing three exciting things from each of ours! We’re also answering listener questions about our future goals, plans for our business, and how to pivot after you’ve made a major purchase mistake.

-Our favorite kid and adult Halloween movies.

Elsie: You’re listening to the A Beautiful Mess podcast, with this week being the official first week of autumn, we thought it would be fun to do our autumn bucket list episode. We invite you to join along and fill in your own list with us. We are also answering listener questions about our future goals and plans for our business and how to pivot after you’ve made a major purchase mistake. We’re glad you’re here and let’s jump in.

Emma: We should tell people too, in this week’s show notes, we’re going to share a printable autumn bucket list that you can download and use. Also be sure that you’re following us on Instagram, which is just at a beautiful mess because we will share a phone version of the autumn bucket list. So as we talk about what’s on ours, you’ll be able to get your own printable version or you can save it on your phone and fill in things that you want to add to yours.

Elsie: Basically, we’re going to give you several ways to do the bucket list. You can’t escape our bucket list and however you choose to do it is great. There are so, so, so so, so many benefits to it. I hope that you all decide to join along but we’ll try to talk you into it. That’s what this whole episode is.

Emma: Yeah, tell them how has it benefited your family. Why do the bucket list?

Elsie: So every time we post it, this is our, I think, third or fourth year that we’ve been doing this thing that we do and people always get very hung up on, well, what if I don’t get to check off everything. Let me just tell you up front, that does not matter at all, at all. It’s not the type of thing where it’s like you failed if you didn’t complete these 30 activities. It’s like write the 30 activities down and the benefit is that I guarantee you, you will do 10 things that you wouldn’t have done just because you wouldn’t have thought to do it. It wouldn’t have fit into your schedule or it would have just slipped your mind. How many times do we think I want to do that this holiday season and then you don’t get around to it and then the season slips by you. That is mom brain. So this is the perfect thing to help with mom brain or whatever other excuse you have in your life. That’s just mine that, you know, just being forgetful. So anyway, at the beginning of the season, what we do is write down or fill in all the blanks. I sometimes even have extras, a ton of ideas of cute things you want to do. They can be small things as simple as watching a Halloween movie, which we have so many favorites. I will put those in the show notes, my favorite kids and my favorite adult Halloween movies. It can be simple as playing, my kids love the monster mash, playing the monster mash, having a little dance to the monster mash, things like that. Then it can be as complex as, I’ll talk later in the episode about my spooky village, which is a pretty complicated weeks long craft project that, kind of just keeps going and going and building and building and it’s ridiculous. So simple or complicated doesn’t matter. Do whatever is best for your schedule and the people in your family and what’s going to bring you the most joy? So make it work for you.

Emma: You definitely should have a mix of easy things and more complicated things. That way, if you have a free night where you’re just like, oh, we had plans and they fell through or whatever, then you can look at your autumn bucket list and be like here’s something that we could do tonight. Then, boom, you’re going to get to do something that you’re excited about, that you wrote down on the list, but you might have forgotten or you might have just sat around and not really gotten much done that night because you weren’t really planning to have this free moment.

Elsie: Yes. So before we start sharing some of the things on our list, let me just give you a little bit of instruction about filling your list out. Be sure to put on it some things that are really simple, like songs, movies, traditions that you did as a kid. If you want to make something this season, things like craft projects for that kind of stuff. After I make the bucket list, I will buy all my supplies at once, this is a pro tip, all your supplies for all your crafts, you just have a little basket of autumn craft supplies. If you don’t use it this year, guess what? You can use it next year. No big deal. Every year, I pull this stuff out, just simple stuff like the other day I was at the store and I saw these little blank pumpkins, and I was like that’ll be so much fun. That’ll fill a one hour window sometime when we just need a little project. I don’t want to get out paint because they can just cut the black part and glue it on and then also places to go. So if you like to visit an apple orchard, a pumpkin patch, if you have a favorite tradition, like a haunted house, like a corn maze, anything like that, be sure to put those on the list. Is there anything I’m missing Emma? Decorating your house, you can put things that you want to do that are slightly sort of like autumn adjacent. You just put things on it that you want to get done and it’ll just be there. It doesn’t necessarily have to be like all cute stuff for your kids. It can be something that you want in your life, that makes you happy.

Emma: It could definitely be a mix of family stuff but also just self-care, things that don’t even have to have an autumn vibe to them. If you’re like I just want to make sure I have some time this season where I go to HomeGoods and buy Christmas wrapping paper. Great. Put that on your list if that sparks the joy for you. There you go. That should be on your list for the season.

Elsie: So I think you get it. Be sure to download your list and fill it out. Now Emma and I are each going to share three things from our list and we’re kind of doing our top three, like three most exciting, but we definitely will have lots of very simple things on there as well. I know last year we made the brownies where after the brownies pan comes out, you put the eyeballs on the top and we put them on all our neighbors’ doorsteps. It was so fun and the kids loved it and it was really special. So things like that, you can just do over and over again. Our list will have lots of easy stuff like that on it as well.

Emma: One of mine’s kind of easy.

Elsie: So tell your first one.

Emma: I’ll tell my easy one first then. I bought this little pumpkin so all that Oscar my son wears right now is footsy pajamas. He has daytime pajamas and nighttime pajamas. That’s all he wears. So I bought this one that’s a pumpkin outfit and it has a little hood with a little stem on top. It’s very warm. The reason I mean, I thought it was adorable, that’s really why I bought it. But also it’s very warm and I want to keep up our walking tradition. I’m just going to have probably multiple times that we go on a walk in his stroller and he’s wearing the little pumpkin outfit. I’m just going to take with me some apple cider or some kind of drink that makes me think of fall and that’s it. That’s the whole thing on the list is just walk my little pumpkin around the neighborhood.

Elsie: It actually sounds really elaborate but when you break it down, it’s like this is a simple thing. It’s pretty much just like putting on an item of clothing and having a beverage but it seems like Pinterest mom.

Emma: Yeah, it sounds like, I swear to God, I’ll probably run into a friend and they’ll be like, why are you so put together? And I’ll be like, o, you don’t understand. I just bought this outfit and I’m going to put him in it multiple times. I’m just having some kind of drink in my hand and that’s all it is. I bought the outfit on Amazon. It’s like not even uber special or anything.

Elsie: Yes. No, exactly the same with my crafts. I think people think that we have some kind of like unattainable ability to do crafts that are cute with our kids. All it is is shopping in bulk in one trip and preparing for the season. That’s all it is. Fnd these little ways to simplify it for yourself and go easy on yourself. No one needs to have a lot of stress and anxiety over a fall bucket list.

Emma: No, it should be fun.

Elsie: My first one is to go crazy with our spooky village, so I will link it in the show notes. If you haven’t seen it then you need to click and see the pictures and everything. So we started the first year Nova was with us and each year we add several houses to our village and all the houses are is from the craft store birdhouses. You buy a birdhouse and then you paint it into a little haunted house. So we have one that looks like candy corn. There’s one that has evil eyes all over it. That is kind of has a steeple like a church. I thought that one was spooky. There’s one that is just painted green and then I let the kids glue googly eyes all over the entire thing from back middle, all of it, roof. We just last weekend went to Michael’s and got two more bird houses and Nova got to pick hers. She picked one that has swinging doors this time and then she picked one for Goldie as well. We’re going to start on that and I found the perfect place for them this year which has been a problem for me in the past but I found the perfect spot where we can really display them on my mantel of my fireplace but I’m just going to clear it off. The other option is my entryway table. Putting all of those up together and then I like to put a little bit of, anytime I see miniatures at the craft store like miniature pumpkins, miniature, sometimes they’ll have little, I don’t know, little ghost things like that. Then I always get some of those who can kind of like place them around the village. It kind of has its own little characters with it. It’s so much fun to make and I have a lot of fall and Halloween decorations that are just from the store, just things I just bought. But this is the one thing that we spend a lot of time making every year and I think it’s really special.

Emma: Yeah, I love it. And I’ve seen the spooky village online and in real life and it is adorable. I love it. My second one will stay on the theme of of decorations, I guess, is just to decorate the front of my house with all my Halloween and fall stuff, which for me is like eight or nine skeletons, like full size plastic skeletons. Then I have a ton of faux pumpkins, orange and white. So I just like to make little vignettes with the skeletons. There’s lots of kids in our neighborhood, and so people go pretty all out with some of their their porch decorations because when kids are walking around or playing in the neighborhood, they like to kind of spot different things. So I want to do something kind of funny with some of the skeletons this year, like maybe put one on my roof like he’s falling off or like he’s, I’m not really sure I haven’t figured it out yet, but I want something at least one of the skeletons to be doing something funny. My idea being like, it’ll make me smile, but also maybe the kids in the neighborhood will get a kick out of it.

Elsie: Oh yeah, big time. I love your skeletons that like they can be sitting on the porch swing or when you had the one on the toilet that was so funny

Emma: And the kids loved that one. 

Elsie: I think your Halloween ambitions are rock solid, sister.

Emma: Thanks. Yeah, I have a dream to do some kind of like hay bale maze in my backyard, but I’m not sure this year is the year I really wanted to do it this year but I don’t know. Well, this may not be the right year for me. I’m going to see. I’m going to fill it out.

Elsie: Yeah, no. Lower your expectations on yourself. That’s my number one parenting tip, basically my only parenting tip.

Elsie: So my second one, this is going to sound, you’re going to be surprised that I’ve never had this phase, but I’m really into making pies because actually, I’ve never made a pie. I’ve made lots of pies but I’ve never been really into making pies the way that I am into making cookies. Last year I learned cupcakes and buttermilk frosting and this year I want to learn pies. So it’s pie year and I’m so excited and I think it’ll be fun for the kids too and it’s kind of easy compared to the other ones. So I’m excited about that too.

Emma: Yeah. Are you going to make your pie crust from scratch?

Elsie: Absolutely not.

Emma:  Or a mix?

Elsie: Absolutely frozen. Yeah, I think I might make the fillings from scratch. The fillings seem worth it to me. The crust. Do you agree with that or not as an experienced baker?

Emma: I do not. I do not. I think you should make at least a few from scratch. Ok, and just see what you say to them. 

Elsie: OK, I can you do that. 

Emma: You can make a pie crust, mostly in a food processor, too. You have a food processor, right?

Elsie: Yeah, yeah.

Emma: So you can make it mostly in that. But it’s, I think, worth it for a buttery, flaky pie crust.

Elsie: Ok, I take back my answer. How hard can it be? I’ll make a pie crust. 

Emma: If you want a graham cracker crust or like those, just store bought is good.

Elsie: You know, I would absolutely rather die than eat a graham cracker crust.

Emma: What? 

Elsie: We’ve had this conversation. I hate graham crackers. Remember the smores talk?

Emma: Well, OK. Oreo crust, like Oreo cookie crust.

Elsie: Ok? That’s something.

Emma: Ok. All right. I swade her.  

Elsie: I’m going to stay with pie crust. I think it’s nostalgic and vibey and beautiful or I’m going to watch Pushing Daisies this fall too.

Emma: Oh yeah. When you do tell me where you found it because I think it’s hard to find it.

Elsie: Oh, really? Ok, yeah.

Emma: So let me know because I love that series.

Elsie: I’ll put it in the show notes.

Emma: Ok, so my third one is I’m going to do at least two Halloween costumes this year. I’m going to go on one for our family. That’s all three of us. Then one that I think will probably just be me and Oscar. So that’s what I’m planning, and I can tell you what they are. But also, if they don’t work out, then you’ll never see them if you are a listener. So I’ll tell you, but if you don’t see them then you’ll know that I tried and it didn’t work out. So the family one, what I’m planning as of right now is I want to do where we’re Tetris pieces. So Trey is really into Tetris and he’s actually really good. He plays Tetris online a lot. We also watch Tetris Championships together on YouTube. We just watch them sometimes at night. He’s really into Tetris. I think Tetris is really cool. So he’s going to be Tetris Blocks and I am too. It’s just t-shirts that I’m going to put foam Tetris pieces on. Then Oscar’s going to be one little Tetris piece on his little onesie and as if he fits into the blocks that we make. I don’t know if I’m explaining this well but I think once you see it visually you’ll be like ok.

Elsie: For me, that’s going to be a believe it when I see it costume. I just seriously can not imagine what you’re going to do.

Emma: Well, the idea is that we all fit together and also it’s Tetris and also it’s just easy to wear. So I think it’ll be a fun one. So anyway, that’s the cute one that is more wearable and it’s all three of us. Then the one that I want to do, it’ll probably just be me and Oscar. I was texting Elsie the other night as I was researching baby wigs because I really want to do a Zoolander costume, where he’s a tiny Derek Zoolander and I’m going to be Hansel. So that’s the idea with that one.

Elsie: I couldn’t love it more. Stamp of approval, that is. That’s really something.  have several Halloween costumes as well but I’m going to save it because I know at least one of them I’m doing for reels on A Beautiful Mess so I don’t want to give a spoiler.

Emma: You want it to be a surprise?

Elsie: Yeah, I think I should keep it a surprise.

Emma: Well, ok, what’s your third one?

Elsie: So my third one is build a haunted house of some kind and let me give you the options that I’m considering and then you can tell me what you think. One doing a dollhouse haunted house which I think is probably actually the most expensive out of all these ideas, even though it’s the smallest. Maybe I shouldn’t do that one but I love a dollhouse haunted house. So in the scheme of my life, maybe not this year, but at some point, I really want to do a Barbie dream house, which you can buy the nineties or eighties Barbie dream house. You can just buy them on eBay and make it into an Addams Family Barbie dream house, I think is the ultimate sunshine in my soul.

Emma: I like it.

Elsie: Another way to do the haunted house would be to do just the kids’ bathroom or maybe a bedroom in our house. I’m not sure. Maybe some kind of an isolated room where we just really put up way too many Halloween decorations in that one room.

Emma: Maybe the movie room?

Elsie: That’s a good place for it.

Emma: Because it’s kind of dark anyway, so it could be spooky.

Elsie: I like that. I mean, my concern is that you wouldn’t really see them because it’s always so dark though.

Emma: That’s true.

Elsie: Yeah. But also maybe a closet, like maybe in the guest room, there’s a pretty big closet that could work. Then the third option is to do a cardboard house. So we’re no stranger to cardboard boxes in our house. We always have some in our garage at all times waiting to be recycled and stuff. So a cardboard version, just like a kid sized playhouse version. So which one do you vote for? Out of those three options, what would you do?

Emma: They all sound really fun. I would probably do like the one room.

Elsie: Yeah, the one room is the easiest, I think.

Emma: Yeah, it’s, I guess, probably the easiest. Then I also feel like you could well, you could reuse the dollhouse stuff too. 

Elsie: Maybe a closet.

Emma: I feel like it’ll get used or seen the most. You guys can kind of like be in the room or if it’s a closet like that could be a good hide and seek spot for the season. I don’t know.

Elsie: I love that idea one way or another. A haunted house is one of my main things on my list so I’m so excited to do it. That will be fun.

Emma: I love it.

Elsie: All right, so don’t forget you can go to and see the show notes for this episode and you can download your own bucket list. We’ll also put them on  A Beautiful Mess Instagram. Be sure and tag us if you’re doing the bucket list because we really want to see not only what you’re doing with your family but also what things are on your list because it’ll just give us all more ideas. All right. So before we go, I have a couple of listener questions this week. This week they are from Instagram so they don’t have the fun voicemail. They’re just written questions. The first one, but they’re both really good questions. The first one is what do you do when you no longer like something that you spent a lot of money on for your home? Great question.

Emma: Yeah, that is a great question.

Elsie: So I’m thinking like, by a lot of money, I’m thinking a big rug, a sofa, a piece of major furniture, a bed frame, something like that.

Emma: Yeah, I’m hoping it’s not like marble countertops because I’m like, oh well.

Elsie: I don’t know it. Maybe it’s something else but I think those are common things, something that you’ve, I mean, first of all, don’t beat yourself up because tastes change and the biggest thing that I always have to remind myself of as a creative person and an Enneagram 7 and a person who loves design is that there’s always going to be more cute things out there that I can’t do in my house or that I don’t have space for or just more ideas. It’s ok to not be able to do your number one favorite thing at all times that I mean, every single person, even if you live in a mansion, you’re not going to be able to do every single thing that you wanted to do in your home, especially if you have a creative mind.

Emma: I’ll say just to add to that, it doesn’t help in any way for you to feel tons and tons of guilt over a mistake. That doesn’t make the mistake go away. It doesn’t help you learn the lesson better. It’s I think sometimes we get it in our minds or I do this, I think, oh, I made this big mistake that was costly so I kind of need to punish myself now. I’m going to feel really bad and really guilty about this or keep something that I don’t love because I need to be punished for this mistake. As you can hear that doesn’t make any sense. You don’t need to do that to yourself. Also, by the way, if your partner makes a big mistake, they loved this rug. They love the couch and it turned out it wasn’t the right thing, maybe give them the same grace that you need to give yourself. You know that that road goes both directions.

Elsie: Yeah, I Think that’s great advice. So as far as what to do besides just like trying to feel better, which is what we’ve said so far. What I would do is think, can I change it? Can I paint it? Can I check to see how much it cost to reapply to this couch if I’m just regretting the fabric or the color? Maybe it’s less than the price of a new couch, and it would be worth it to me. Can I sell it if it’s a piece of furniture and like you buy a farmhouse table and then you decide a year later that you are really into mid-century and that’s what suits your house, try to sell it. Just see what you can get for it to apply towards the price of the thing you really want. And yeah, anything like that, I would say, just let it go, figure out a way to either change it or get rid of it. Or, you know, if you want to accept it, as, you know, wouldn’t buy that now. But it’s in my house and that’s those are all options that you can choose from. I think in the long run, it’s ok to make design mistakes. It’s ok to make expensive mistakes. I really don’t know anyone who has done big house projects who hasn’t made an expensive mistake or change their mind about something that they regretted. So don’t beat yourself up and don’t feel bad.

Elsie: So this next question was from quiet violet on Instagram. Her question is how do you envision the future of A Beautiful Mess and what are your plans for the future? I love this question. I have actually been talking about it pretty extensively with my therapist the last few sessions. I really feel more than ever, you can tell me if you agree or disagree or whatever, I feel more than ever I want to keep blogging long term and influencing blogging. We do a lot on Instagram. In five or 10 years that might be different. We don’t know but I want to keep up the process of adaptability influencing through A Beautiful Mess. Right now we’re doing the podcast. We kind of know we won’t do it forever. Don’t freak out. We’re not quitting right now but you know.

Emma: We aren’t quitting right now.

Elsie: I don’t think we’ll be podcasting in 10 years. Who knows? Maybe, but I know we will be blogging in 10 years.

Emma: Now that you said that I feel like we will be just because you said that because the Universe will be like, oh yeah,

Elsie: Do you think I just like gave us a low key curse?

Emma: I don’t know if it’s a curse. I think that makes it sound like we don’t like podcasting

Elsie: It’s Superstitious, though,

Emma: I’m not superstitious, but I’m a little suspicious.

Elsie: My point, though, was that I love doing it still. For a little while last year, I got so burned out. We talked about that recently that I was questioning a lot of things. But when I broke it all down and got to the bottom of it, the thing that I still really love doing is writing A Beautiful Mess, the blog. Then there’s the surrounding things that we do as a part of that, like this podcast right now, I feel like we’re one of the early adopters. We were one of the first bloggers and almost all of the people. There’s one or two, I’m like, oh joy, there’s one or two who still do what we do. But almost everyone has quit by now who was one of our first blogging friends or buddies. I kind of just want to see where it goes for the long term because I feel like we’ve been so lucky to be on the forefront of the blogging industry. I just kind of want to see where it ends up by our older years.

Emma: Yeah, I agree. We’re actually doing a company, there’s only four of us, but a company retreat here and in another week or two. That’s all about blogging. It’s with my friend Julie Blander, who has a really cool blog you can check out. But the point of it is just that we’re still really into blogging and we want to make our site better and more useful. That’s always a goal of ours, and it still is even after this 13 or 14 years that we’ve been doing it, we’re still reinvesting into our site for it to become better and better. So we still love blogging. We’re sticking around for the long haul but other than that, should we tell them about our holiday thing that we’re trying this year?

Elsie: Yeah. So we do feel like, yes, we want to keep going on the path we’re going on but we need to find ways to evolve and we need to try new things and we need to not get too comfortable and too set in our ways. So this is what we’re trying this year as a part of that goal, say it Emma.

Emma: We’re going to have an A Beautiful Mess holiday special.

Elsie: So originally, the idea Emma was like I want to make an Amazon Prime or whatever TV special, like a variety show celebrating Halloween and Christmas, like two separate shows. Then obviously, we had to pare down the idea a little bit from there and do it, make it into something that we could do now this season. Then maybe we will still do those like mega TV show ideas in the future but for this season, we are doing a series of IGTVs surrounding the Christmas holiday. So it’ll probably start around November 1st and I’m excited because we haven’t done on camera work in, at least in a way where we were really excited in a while. So this is going to be exciting and really different. Emma can use her acting skills. Remember how Emma went to acting school?

Emma: Yeah, and it will probably actually come out around December 1st if, you said November 1st and that’s when we plan to film it. So it won’t be November 1st because we’re doing it right after Halloween.

Elsie: It’ll come out sometime during the holiday season and we make no guarantees to you what the day is because we don’t know.

Emma: Look we don’t totally know what it is, what we’re doing, but it’s going to be some kind of holiday special this year, coming to a phone or TV near you.

Elsie: We booked the shoot so we’re trying it and we’re just going to do it and see what happens. It’s exciting. I feel like at this point in our careers, being the grandma bloggers that we are, it’s time for us to try some different stuff. At this particular moment in our careers, Emma and I both feel one hundred percent sure that we don’t want to do a TV show. So this is kind of our own version of that. That’s more fun, more on our own terms, and something that is doable to us as busy moms. So we’re excited to share it with you and be sure you’re following A Beautiful Mess Instagram in case you, just make sure you are because that’s where it’s all going to be.

Emma: Mm hmm. Yep.

Elsie: Woo. So, yeah, I think we spent a really long time on that question but more or less we are excited to keep going and see where the river, just around the river bend. Ok. Yeah.

Emma: Yep, we sure are.

Elsie: Well, ok. So tag us on Instagram if you make a bucket list for fall and we will in a couple of months, we’ll do another one for the holiday season because why not? It’s kind of our thing and we love doing it. It brings us so much joy and I feel like if you can find these little things in life that it’s like an easy thing that ups your joy factor in your nostalgia. Who wouldn’t want that right?

Emma: Yeah, yeah.

Elsie: Yeah, yep. Just like opening up the KJP part of my soul and putting in all the nostalgia that it can fit.

Emma: Oh man, he’s the best.

Elsie: Yeah, I was thinking, now that we’ve passed, can we just talk for a minute before we leave about how we passed a hundred episodes and you were gone on your break? We didn’t even celebrate it. Some people thought that we really underplayed it and that we missed a big opportunity when they were like can you not do something ok?

Emma: Honestly, this is the first I’m hearing of it. I knew we were getting close. I didn’t really. I’m sorry, everyone. You know, I messed up a lot of things while I was gone. That’s the main thing I’m learning as I get back.

Elsie: Oh, no, no, no, no. To get back. That’s not what I’m saying.

Emma: Everyone was waiting for something and I’m like I’m sorry. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m very sleep deprived.

Elsie: I feel like you thought I was blaming you. But this is what I was really trying to say was a little game, a little game of who do you think we’ve mentioned the most in our over one hundred episodes? These are the choices, KJP, Ramit, or Cheap Old Houses. Do you think there’s anyone else who’s in the running who we mentioned that frequently?

Emma: John and Sherie. 

Elsie: Oh, Young House Love has a podcast. Yep.

Emma: Maybe, Elise, maybe Chris Loves Julia.

Elsie: Ok, that’s getting to be a long list like seven.

Emma: Wait, so do I get to vote or are the listeners voting?

Elsie: Let’s just both say our vote and they can say their vote but we won’t be able to hear them, you know, because. 

Emma: Yeah, they’re not here.

Elsie: I think the person that I’ve mentioned the most, I think it’s Cheap Old Houses but it might be Ramit, but it also might be KJP.

Emma: I think it’s Ramit. Yeah, which is funny, one we love Ramit so I mean it makes sense, but also his topic that he teaches on is so different from what we’re doing. So it’s just funny how often you know he comes up but we love him. We’re obsessed.

Elsie: So definitely, yeah, he’s definitely one of my heroes. Let’s do a one hundred episode celebration in some way. Maybe on Instagram. Maybe, I don’t know, but I think we should celebrate it.

Emma: What was the one hundredth episode? I could look it up, but…

Elsie: I don’t even remember. It was just one in the middle of the summer. Oh yes and when I recorded the summer, anyways, nobody wants to hear this. Ok. Thank you so much for listening. Don’t forget to tag us follow at A Beautiful Mess and tag us if you are doing your own bucket list because if you haven’t noticed by now, it’s the only thing that we care about in the whole world. We really, really, really, really care if you complete your bucket list and if it brings you joy. We love you so much and we’ll be back next week.

Emma: Bye. Ok. Happy fall, y’all.

Elsie: Oh God.

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