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Elsie’s Finds: September – A Beautiful Mess

Hi there! I have some really great finds to share with you this month! I have to admit, I have so much fun writing this post because I basically just walk around my house hunting for items I think you would enjoy! This month’s finds are a pretty solid mix of different categories.

I’ve been in a pretty “set” skin routine for a while and not branching out too much. I wanted to try a retinol, but I was a bit nervous, so when I saw that Boscia (one of my most tried and true brands) created a retinol product I was excited to try it. It has been gentle and not irritating. I have been using a few drops every night and then topping it off with this barrier moisturizer.

If your kids love play dough (or clay!) like mine do, these mini rolling pins are a lot of fun. I got this set and they can play with them for hours!

This summer, I finally tried the “foamy Birkenstocks” as I call them. I tried both the Birkenstocks brand and the Freedom Moses brand. I wanted to compare and see which one I liked better. To my surprise, I love them both EQUALLY. The pros of the Birkenstocks are that you can adjust the straps (if you have very narrow or wide feet this might be important) and they are even more lightweight. The pros of the Freedom Moses sandals are that they are a little bit cuter to me (both so cute, but they are just a tiny bit more flattering) and they come in a lot of cute colors and patterns. I highly recommend getting a pair of either brand. If you’ve been on the fence, you will LOVE them. They make great pool shoes too.

If you like to make mocktails at home I LOVE this non-alchoholic aperitif. I often take long breaks from drinking and I find these fun to make during those times. A lot of non-alchoholic spirits are very sweet, and this one is not sweet at all. It’s comparable to a negroni. I usually mix it with one part seltzer (any type of La Croix) and one part sweet seltzer like this bitters and soda beverage. It’s really good, but too sweet to drink on it’s own, so I usually mix it with something else.

I got two of these watering cans for my girls to help water plants outside. They are SO cute and they love using them (I love using them too!).

I love shopping at The Little Market because you can shop by cause as well as find beautiful, sustainable products there. I recently picked up this basket and it’s hanging by our back door in anticipation of all the farmer’s market trips in our future!

Thank you so much for reading! xx- Elsie

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